Monday, March 16, 2009

Peter's Pork Noodle, Brickfields

ermmm nothing
I'm hungry and was thinking of Peter's Pork Noodle now.

Chanting to myself:
Must refrain from taking food......
after my sinful weekend in Ipoh.
oh Gawd!!! this pork noodle is just soooo yummy
2 weekends ago, went to Brickfields with JS, Si Fu Lawrence and Munchy to this place.

Munchy had been looking and scouting for this places
for AGES
next time ask me ler....
crispy pork lard
extra add on only upon request
this place also serve wan tan noodle
fried kuey teow

must refrain from eating..
less food..
no food...
ohmmmm ohmmmmm

shit!!! I'm still hungry!!!!!


neil said...

We are sooo going there again (after the last failed attempt to gorge on the pork noodle) and I'm soooo gonna order the pork noodle with extra fried lard! Waaahahahahah.
So Bee Ree, can you estimate how long I'd need to diet before embarking on this sinful, cholesterol-laden expedition?

CHER-RY said...

Nee Lee: My dear Nee Lee, u dun have to go for a's just a bowl of pork noodle -_-"