Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Senses, Hilton

Don't think I'll see Chef Cheong Liew in Senses
anyway So Hilt Sharon was so sweet and helped Monkey to organise this dinner


It was JS's birthday dinner
*yes I know another Mr. JS's Birthday dinner*

"I don't want the normal standard menu"
So Hilt Sharon: "So u want degustation rite?"

"Anything except the menu!!!"
So Hilt Sharon: "But it's gonna be costly!!"

"Anything!!! Don't want the menu!!!"
well coz I'll end up choosing food that I hate like the signature Dances of the Sea
and as usual menu came fr the Chef himself in my inbox 4 days earlier

"OMG, there's 12 courses!!! We need to remove some!!!"
Chef Michael: "Oh sorry to tell u that both of u eating different dishes so it's not 12 course. Just to give u the change to try as many dishes as possible :)"

Monkey let out a loud relief sigh............
Chef Michael: "Let me know if you are ok with this or still want to change. It's not 12 courses, I would not do that to you, have to roll you out."

Somebody bought this shirt for his birthday........
so he can wear it. :P

JS is now a freak of Comme des Garsons
he also bought me 2 shirts. :D

"Pressie for me on YOUR BIRTHDAY?"
*scratch head*
this maker is currently my favourite.....
with its mineral nose, I was saving it for my MEAT course!!!

and we also found another Burgundy lover in town...
hiak hiak hiak
Chief Sommelier Roderick W.
Wagyu Pancetta
interesting eh? Since they can't serve pork, Chef Michael got creative by using wagyu
served with light salad and smoked almonds
it was laid on top of a glass bowl
so pretty and so yummy
both of us were fighting for the last piece!!!
well he's the Birthday Boy so he got it.
Petuna Oceantrout
it was gently cooked and served with Swedish bleak roe & sour cream sphere

1) u can almost can't buy oceantrout in KL
2) u memang confirmed kenot get Swedish bleak roe in town

since Chef came fr Sweden, he infused some of his roots into the dish
the small lil green there was Swedish watercress which has this pungent anise after taste
one small leaf was leathal enuff.
Wild caught sea prawns & arrow squid
both were caught in Australia
then cooked in spiced chorizo oil *yep chorizo goes well with seafood very very much*
pimento *a type of hot pepper* & aubergine were then coal grilled
served in chili, basil and tomato confit.

Prawns were excellent!!!
Hokkaido Bay scallops with sweet corn puree, grilled fennel & MORE waygu BACON!!!
the scallops were slightly over cooked, coz we prefer them softer.
Didn't know grilled fennel can taste this good. :)))))))))))
Abalone rice!!! aka Abalone risotto served in chicken jus

"He doesn't take duck."
Chef Michael: "Ok I'll do something else then."

but I forgot to tell Chef that JS dun take any poultry or more like anything with wings + feathers
with a beak and 2 feet.

the grains were extremely al dente - just the way we lurve it.
Is this on the menu?!??!??!
I WANT!!!!
strasbourg foie gras with aussie quince, balsamic and hazelnut espuma and rosemary

JS lurve this one
Monkey prefers one and only foie gras king in town = Sage
red roasted cod with leek fondue, snow pea vine shoots, green chili & coriander sauce
u'll be surprised this was my favourite dish of all
*okie the wagyu pancetta also scored 100 pointer*
and u know wat?? it was on the menu :P
Port Lincoln Kingfish
the lil cassouleton the side was stewed white beans, shellfish & tomato
cassoulet originated fr south of France
ooooo I missed Cote D'azur

anyway this fish can never catch up with roasted cod
COD has more fat = smooth velvety taste + sweet
king fish aka hiramasa = more for sashimi
*am craving for roasted cod now*
my usual STUFFED look!!!
Chef Michael was so generous with the degustation portion
we were seriously stuffed by then and main course has yet to arrive
coal grilled Tajima sirloin served with gremoulata rolled aubergine with anchovies on top of spicy tomato sauce.
the carrot has a soft cumin taste on it
Wagyu cheek with veal shank ravioli, surrounded by garlic sauteed escargot
in bouguignon garnish

wagyu cheek requires a lot of work - the braising part
it has this tender texture with "gelatin" innit
I can't remember the last time I had wagyu cheek

then we had 60% of the meat to be packed to go.
rhubarb sorbet with a pretty edible flower

JS got a K_O look *that's KO by the way*
he had enuff of rhubarb back in England's boarding school
well that was so long ago but left such a strong memory in him
everyday rhubarb pie!!!
the best rhubarb pie I had was in Switzerland!!!!
Chef Michael's signature creation of Manjari Emulsion
it's actually smooth manjari chocolate & Evian emulsion, chocoalte soil, Murray River pink salt caramel and pure cocoa oil

u are supposed to have a tasting portion of the manjari chocolate...then the pink salt caramel..
followed by all the soil *mix em*

So Hilt Sharon said this is a baby food
maybe only for u
hiak hiak hiakGrand marnier Souffle!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it didn't collapse this round coz Chef has a secret
hehehe and I am not sharing with u all :))))
I like it this way!!
actually Senses signature souffle - lime souffle
but they have choices of grand marnier, valrhona chocolate, lemon

and he infused everything inside
unlike in Sage, Grand marnier was served on the side.

Okie I SHALL NOT WILL NOT KENOT compare both places and both chefs
each has their own style.

If u enjoy good beef and steak go to Senses
If u are a purist with ingrediets pls head to Sage
*Cilantro is opening end of the year.........wooohooooooo*

Must say this visit was way better than last year
Read bout my complaints *here*

Hilton Hotel,
Jalan Sentral,
50470 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603 2264 2264


licheng said...

yummy yum yum...

btw, it's commes des garcons right? i remember seeing a store in Tokyo. but i was surprised to know that it's a Japanese brand

CHER-RY said...

Kindy Chai: Oh yea, designed by japanese designer based in Paris.

How are u Chai? :) When are u coming back?

Anonymous said...

his name is junya watanabe :)

CHER-RY said...

JS: yes yes yes we know. :P