Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Dinner at Mathematician Costa

yes I am so useless....
even a Mathematician doin his INFINITY PHD can cook so well.

I better go home,
look myself in the mirror
and ask....wat kind of lady I am!!!

*JS is sick today and the best I can do is.....bought herbal tea for him*
**he even had to cook his own dinner tonite**
***tsk tsk.....readers pls make sure u dun get gf like me***

Monkey & Saint Veeny
sipping our pre-dinner drinks
Billecart - Salmon
Mathematician Costa has a funky home with Avant Garde stuffs
the hanging light over the dining table
highlight of his funky home got to be this funky fire place!!!!
just as funky as his funky brains
Couchie George and sister Maro
both of them looked like their mom
in deep conversation with JS
Mathematician Costa then throw in more stuffs and mix!!!
that got to be the juiciest and sweetest salad I ever had!!!!
yeah gimme more salad pls!!!
I think I had 5 servings
everyone also want more of the salad coz it's definitely 100 pointer!!!
He also baked his own bread :)
lurve the smell of fresh bread
Mathematician Costa busy cooking
he lurve cilies and threw in so many!!!
ta-da!!! chili prawn linguine
how I missed cilies when abroad
cut em smaller with your knives
before we proceeded with 2nd course, someone was galavanting already with alcos
squid ink risotto/ rice was super yummy I had so much
braised squid with its ink
yeah it looked scary but it was so yummy and sweet!!!
dessert time!!!
Saint Veeny made creme caramel
a huge slice for Monkey
Couchie George & Monkey
when the ladies had their desserts, the men went to light up their "chimneys"
who's Yohji Yamamoto are those??
well it belongs to JS & Couchie George
the metrosexual men aka chimneys
in their fav colour
even the pose also the same -_-
Dinos the Great, can't miss dessert!!!
more dessert!!!
and cheese for desserts
so stuffed, I just crashed down here with Marios
receiving a Mafia kiss fr Dinos the Great
He's the man!!!!
who can really cook!!!

Mathematician Costa
thank u so much for dinner
I had a blast


Anonymous said...

good cook=creative people=mathematician!!!! guess when you are into abstract stuff like Costas, you have to be really creative.....otherwise how to prove infinity is finite!!!!

CHER-RY said...

Anonymous: Good equation there!!!