Friday, March 06, 2009

Old Town Kopitiam with Nee Lee

next to my office, there's this Old Town Coffee + CIMB
dunno why the bank wanna collaborate with a cafe..
u find ppl sitting in between ATMs and tables of ppl selling credit cards.

but sometimes when your tummy has a stronger opinion than your head

u'll know wat will happen..

Monkey drove down to Cyberjaya to meet Nee Lee
and she brought me to this really nice, really really pure cafe kopitiam
minus the bank, minus the credit card sales ppl, minus all the bank brochures/leaflets.
and certainly minus the ATMs.
early morning already consuming cold drinks
but it's my fav!!
who cares!
healthy breakfast to start off the day
soft boiled omega eggs
*i'm craving for free range chicken eggs...anyone know when can I get it from?*
I'm an old skool person....with soy sauce + pepper
Wham!!!!! I like em this way :))))))
dipped my brown bread toast with butter + kaya
into the yummylicious eggs
my kind of breakfast
Thank u Nee Lee for the healthy breakfast
ok ok maybe minus the cholesterol
I grew up with this type of breakfast.....can't complain much.


neil said...

you are welcome any time :)

CHER-RY said...

Nee Lee: Let's do it another time!!! this me breakfast on me yea!!