Monday, March 09, 2009

Saint Veeny's Birthday

Vera Wang of Cyprus Litsa & Monkey

It was Saint Veeny's bday and she threw a huge partay for everyone
things that I admired:
1) she cooked most of the dishes on her own *and all were super yummy*
2) she entertained all her 34 guests *pengsan*
3) decorated the home in such nice ambience
Sweet Nandia & Mathematician Costa
Mrs Wise Crack Marina & Artemis
Another George & Maria with Mr Wise Crack Costa
figs fr the garden....salad with feta
pasta with sun dried tomatoes and homemade pesto sauce
*basils fr own garden*
potato salad with roasted spices and curried mayo
boiled red cabbage with toasted sesame, spring onions and a lovely dressing
treacle cured salmon in spices and dill and peppers for 48 hours
this one was go with the above red cabbage
pickled cucumber with dill
my favourite sweet tomatoes and avocados salad :))))
baked prawns in kataifi pastry with italian parsley
drizzled with special sauce
there were 2 huge plates and gone in 5 minutes
roast pork wrapped with apricots & prunes
the black thing there is the prunes....oooo so sweet!!!
Athina made this despite her super busy schedule - meat pie
look at the meat and cheese oozing out....
despite my small stomachs, I still managed a slice
everyone digging in
this was my entree plater
and I had 3 portion this size
1) entree
2) 2nd course
3) Main
4) dessert and cakes!!!!!
then it's time to gather and sing
Saint Veeny & Dinos the Great
he delivered such a beautiful speech
I was almost in tears
nice candles huh?
Saint Veeny did everything including putting these candles on her cake

how could u!!!! next time let me do it ok????
u sit back and enjoy!!!
yummy pistachio cake
greek dessert i forgot wat pita
another sweet Greek dessert
oh it was such a beautiful celebration
of family members and close friends
yummy food and wines
sweet desserts and cigars for the men

I had such a blast
dun mind having a birthday partay every weekend in Cyprus.

Thank u for having us Saint Veeny :))))))))))))

PS: well if i'm doin the work I may think twice then.

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