Friday, March 27, 2009

Hong Kong International Airport

The Wing Lounge at Hong Kong International Airport
as usual we dashed to the airport 2.5 hours earlier
thanks to Mr. JS's efficiency

on the way, our cab driver was stopped by "PU-Li-See" for speeding.

"ah sir............"

I found it so hilarious and wanted to snap pic but JS stopped me...
"U not scared of Ah Sir? this one is not TVB ok? This is real!!"

Monkey was still giggling.
we were so hungry and ordered noodles at the lounge
the famous wan tan noodle
shanghainese dumplings
fried udon with bean sauce
shanghainese la mian in spicy peanut sauce
then I ordered another bowl
see how hungry we were
their walnut cake was good
mango pudding was not bad but the one at Yung Kee's still the best
it's pure joy to drink this......I dun get to drink it very often
the toilet looks like kitchen
JS was so happy coz they were using Dermalogica products in the lounge and in flight
after satisfying our tummy and more last minute shopping
we boarded the plane and ordered Cathay Pacific's Signature drink - Cathay Delight
matched my Comme des Garcons shirt
and I ate again onboard
my stomach(s) can really store food
JS only munched on these
my lobster curry rice yummmmmmmmmmm
hehehehheheh and ice cream and chocolate pralines and cakes and more stuffs
which I didn't bother to check em out.
Finally I've wrapped up my Hong Kong Trip


Anonymous said...


G'day. Thanks so much for sharing about HK.

Btw, thanks to ur blog I tried Sage. Really luv the place and enjoyed the food.

The lounge was a nice place to enjoy a cigar after the nice meal.


CHER-RY said...

Mef: Hi Mef. Thank u for dropping by and happy to know you had a great time at Sage. I'm goin tonite :D *nyek nyek nyek*

I think their foie gras is the best in town. :))))))))))

Anonymous said...


Agreed. I had the black cod with foie gras. Top stuff...melts in the mouth.

Look forward to your Sage post.