Thursday, March 19, 2009

Yung Kee, Hong Kong

this is wat greets u at the entrance of Yung Kee
Yung Kee was established in 1942 and gained ONE MICHELIN STAR
their signature dish has got to be the famous roast goose which sells more than 200 everyday
Look at his face >>>> totally -_-
he he he he he :D
JS no likey goose
dun lar like that....mus try mar.
Yung Kee's signature preserved duck eggs served with sour/pickled ginger
can u see the yolk??? how creamy it was?
lemme zoom in for u to see
can u see it now??????
come lemme take a bite first
aaaaAAAaaa yum
most of u may think consuming century eggs is yucky
hmph!!! wait till u try it!!!
another Signature which won many awards was the deep fried prawns wrapped with CRAB ROE in tofu skin
the amount of ROEs inside...
gosh...pass me my cholesterol pills now
since a certain someone can't eat goose, have to order BBQ pork for him
and he found jewels underneath those sweet succulent pork
JS lurve this wok fried rice noodle with beef
extremely good "breathe of fire"
now that he's fully's my turn to indulge...
behold my readers~~~~~
the famous can die YUNG KEE no. 1 in HONG KONG roast goose
one whole duck leg and thigh for meself :D
do u have any idea how juicy it was
and the skin was CRUNCHYLICIOUS
the meat was so velvety
i dunno how the heck I finished everything on my own
washed em down with good quality Pur Li tea
the famous mango pudding
it's not like your usual ordinary mango pudding
look at the amt of MANGOESsss
where's the PUDDING???
the whole scoop was mangoes with a lil bit of pudding
how come their mango's col so yellow???
Monkey writing down wat she ate and its tasting note
memory getting bad, need to write down dy,
must be the food accommodating my memory storage.
later we bought their 5 stars waxed meat, chinese sausages to bring back home...
extremely good quality...and also extremely expensive.
we spent a bomb buying sausages -_-"

*PS: look at the clock, wat brand is tat? heeeeeeeeeee*
**my brand is on the wall of a ONE MICHELIN star restaurant!!!!!!!!!!!**
***JS added: yea together with the waxed meat***

anyway verdict = extremely good
I dun mind eating here every single day

G/F & 1/F,
32-40 Wellington Street, Central
Tel: +852 2522 1624

*One Michelin Star*
**Reservations recomended - trust me u'll get better service + seating**
***also confirmed there's a roast goose left for u***
****oh yea Chef was Executive Chef Choi Wai Chor****


Tsu Lin + + said...

SIENZ... everytime read oso got photos of food. U know I need to lose weight or not? Someone asked me y/day if I am pregnant o_O

When I go bk KL next trip I must join the gym & go thr 3x a week n then after that can meet up with ex-BP frens for lunch :D

Anonymous said...

the pu li tea was aged. it was rounded and not tannic!

CHER-RY said...

TL: There are other pics shoes, bags, places of interest etc etc. heehehehehe...U won't get fat by reading.

So when are u coming back? The whole BP waiting for u. :))))))

JS: How come the colour is so dark?

Anonymous said...

its not's mellowed. it has this earthy tone and good length.....and low in caffiene cos its aged.....afterall for a 1 michelin star restaurant we can't expect less:)

CHER-RY said...

JS: true true I can't agree more.