Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fook Lam Moon, Hong Kong

we were early and decided to hang out at the mall
most malls were beautifully decorated with cherry blossoms
and Monkey joined those China chinese tourists snapping pic
simply one!!! coz they were so excited and I was so bored with nothing to do
might as well join the clan and be silly

Hey I only live once!!!
I rather be silly than grumpy
and being there done that
and also eaten that - I've eaten bugs, brains, all hell food
:P *wat a philosophy*
Fook Lam Moon gained ONE MICHELIN STAR recently
and is known to the city and rest of the world as the "canteen of the tycoons"
so u won't get to see celebrities here....but that's not our purpose.

we were skipping along Johnston Road looking for 35 or 45...
missed it...reverse back


coz there's a small lobby with 4 hostess standing there
with nothing on the background except a private lift.
a Fung Shui Porche was parked right outside this place
erm....we walked in, they smiled at us and asked any reservation
"Yes Ms Monkey pls!!"
Hostess searching through her schedule of the nite
Hostess: "Welcome to Fook Lam Moon Miss Monkey. Your reservation has been secured by Madam Teresa. Please follow me."
and we were escorted into the lift and went upstairs...
no wonder we missed it!!!
we were expecting to see a restaurant...not a lobby with 4 hostess
Fried Garoupa
Fook Lam Moon was established in 1972
but founded in 1948 using the name Fook Kee

it has now expanded to Ginza, Tokyo....Shanghai and other parts of the world.
the garoupa has a very nice chewy texture,
the ginger on the left were sliced in such texture to give it a bite.
very clean taste and sweet

this place is famous for its abalone, bird's nest, lotufs leaf wrapped fried rice, deep fried crispy chicken.
but since two of us were dining, it's not like we can order that much
and there is NO DEGUSTATION!!!
steamed frogs legs with chinese ham & mushrooms
this was dish was excellent!!!!
there's only frogs other parts!!!
the mushrooms absorbed the flavour of the chinese ham
while the frogs were infused with the smell from the lotus leaf.
stir fried snow pea shoots with lard
:)))))))))))) so tasty!!!
another dish in lotus leaf
and mind u they used FRESH LOTUS LEAF
in msia they used dried go figure!!
JS was do they steamed a seafood fried rice
and the rice was al dente...and not wet nor soft
and I was wondering how come they were so much of dried scallops in between the rice

"I haven't eaten such a good fried rice for a very long time!!!"
basically fried rice is a very basic dish which u can test any Chef for his skills
Fook Lam Moon's mastermind is Chef Chui Wei Kwan
who's now in his 60's

started at a very young age - 14
with strong cantonese influence, he believes in freshest seasonal ingredients
for his creations...

yes u deserve the ONE MICHELIN STAR
we then took a walk to the Wan Chai ferry pier to get back to Tsim Tsa Tsui
Hong Kong is all decked in lights and colours during Christmas and also CNY
Star Ferry was empty coz when the sun sets, Hong Kong Island is a dead place
*well maybe except Lan Kwai Fong*

so readers, it's best to stay at Tsim Tsa Tsui
coz that's where the actions are.
Food galore, colours, smell, ppl, things to buy...and more STREET FOOD
we then took the 5 minutes journey
tucked in each other's arms and me rubbing my tummy.
u know u have reach Tsim Tsa Tsui when u see the Marco Polo Clock tower
the view fr Tsim Tsa Tsui of HK Island is stunning
Bank of China stood magnificently
and so did tai ko fr Causeway Bay *with his TODS Pashmy bag -_-*

off topic
Christina: "Hey how much u got your TODS? It's a new arrival rite? I saw it at the window display."
JS: "Very cheap only....I got it at RM xxxx in Athens."

Christina: "O_O wat currency is tat? TODS where got so cheap one???"
JS: "YES THERE IS. There's 40% plus u can claim VAT bla bla bla bla bla."

Christina: "But it's a new arrival????"
well ppl, it's difficult to explain

then there's this lantern show right below the Marco Polo Clock Tower
displaying the figurines from the love story of "The Legend of Condor Lovers"
u sleep this side...I'll sleep over the other..
More like time for me to sleep..........

Fook Lam Moon
Shop 3, G-3F,
35-45 Johnston Road, Wan Chai,
Tel: +852 2866 0663

*reservation is a must*
**Dress code: smart casual**

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