Friday, March 06, 2009

Living up to my title - NOTTI

Mommy lurves JADE
coz according to her, it's protects u
it's beautiful and promotes good chi

hence she got a gazillion of JADE stuffs at home
Monkey no like JADE
more like I dunno how to appreciate them.

the above was an abacus she acquired during one of her overseas trip
and behold!!!!
Monkey has got a magic touch.
aiiiii look it's so tiny and exquisite..
but come those things can come out???
why like that???
yes I broke her JADE abacus
and have the ball to snap pics..
store all the pieces in a plastic container

and waited for her to be home.

"heeeeeeeeee welcome home. I got something to show u."

then that was the evening the neighbours heard
the familiar scream which had been in that particular household
everytime Monkey had been mischievious and notti.

heeeeeeeeee soli I didn't mean it.


Tsu Lin + + said...

LITTLE MONKEY!!! Jade is so precious... tskkk..

What was your mom's reaction?? SIGH.... (I like jade too)

neil said...

how did you manage to break it without dropping it? (or did you drop it?)

CHER-RY said...

TL: Heeeeeeee her reaction was indescribable....if u wanna know, come to my place and break some jade :P

Nee Lee: I was playing with her jade abacus...tabulating and calculating with the cute disc...tic tac tic tac...

errr then due to my ferocious tic tac me elbow knock the wooden carving next to it...and according to the Netwon law, the gravity causes the wooden carving to fall graciously onto the jade abacus.

somehow the jade is soooo fragile and petite, it split into pieces

the above happened in less than a sec. -_- I dun even have time to save it though my eyes sent signal using all the gazilion neurons in my body to the brain. Must be traffic jam there. so blame on who ar?