Saturday, March 21, 2009

All in a day....

when we were there in February, the weather was still cold
so beautiful Tulips bloomed everywhere along the street.
our favourite mode of transport was the Star Ferry
it's such a joy and novelty to ride on this
:D heeeeeeeeeeeeee
yeah city slicker..dun get to ride on ferries all the time ok??
JS in his Alain Mikli & Monkey in RL
it was still early and quite misty
the IFC tower
5 minutes ride ain't enuff!!! I want more!!!!
JS: "Monkey, this is not a joy ride or a carousel ok?"
okie lor...for HK$ 2.20 = RM 1.10 it's worth the joy and scenery
the pier at Central *Chung Wan*
HSBC building
Bank of China
this was Wan Chai at nite...
GAH!!! so many ppl everywhere!!!!
Street food for supper...

well basically our schedule was....
wake shopping..


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