Monday, April 21, 2008

Senses, Hilton

Senses won the Golden Cauldron award in December last year.
and also restaurant of the year award....for 2007.
their consulting chef is Cheong Liew....
with his 2 geniuses Chef Kelly Brennan & Michael Elfwing.

I went with high expectation despite JS & Prince C comments...
"Pui pui pui"

I came back double the pui.
It was Friday and the jam was c'est h'orrible.
took us 45 mins for a place 10 mins away.
He was cursing crabs and chickens......
rain and idiotic drivers made it worse for him
and me????
cam-whoring away....
well I was not driving, hence it's a different story.
wait till I'm behind the wheels~~~~~~
Lurve my chiffon dress fr Tangoo
hey it's Spring, got to wear more colours.

their website's here:
and support Malaysian designers ya!!!!
tee hee hee!!!!
JS was so pissed with the mentality of msian drivers.....
and I was so happy coz we are goin to Cheong Liew....opsss I mean Senses.
Hilton Hotel!!!!
and my stomach playing its very 1st symphony for the day.
kluuuuuuuuuu kluuuuuuuuuuuuu kluuuuuuuuuu
cozy seating but I think it's a bit too near....
coz I can practically hear my neighbours' conversation.
I bet they can hear my complaints throughout the nite as well.
we bought this baby :)))))
Leroy Gevrey Chambertine
nose was earthy
yep 1986

Senses do have sommelier(s),
Their wine list is quite good.

Mr. Stiff Sommelier did share some notes....
made me realised...

Rajesh, we missed u so much.
Pls text me when your restaurant is opening.
I am deprived of good food here and sharing great wines with sommeliers who can appreciate wines the way u did.
complimentary potato soup with salmon.
it was OK.
JS had foie gras with I-forgot-wat.
He said it was good.
this was my starter...
the famous, must try, must have DANCES OF THE SEA

the moment it presented itself on the table,
I looked at JS.
"Can u pls help me to finish it?"

I think they just went to Iketeru *their japanese restaurant in Hilton* to fetch some sashimi and put on the plate for me.
Sashimi was dry.
It was not fantastic at all amid all the reviews about it.

I dunno lar, educate me!!!
his main was the wagyu
my angus beef was normal.
yeah i know can't see much fr the dark pics....

just too dark I can't even see if they did it medium rare or medium done
until I put it in my mouth.
My main came with a small pot of duck bacon + potato something.
sorry for the lack of description coz I didn't enjoy the dinner at all.

Wasted our wonderful wine only.....
complimentary pineapple sorbet
made fr pineapple flavouring instead of REAL pineapples with some peppery spices.

yes we can tell the difference if u are using FLAVOURINGS.

-_- hai....
takde ommph.
he had lime was collapsing!!!
and my baked figs which were not really baked till it caramelised
or it's not supposed to be baked till that way?
Senses style???

well if u dun bake it well, it's gonna turn bitter...

bluek bluek bluek.
The dessert station which u can see fr the outside of the restaurant.

maybe we ordered the wrong dishes,
maybe it was just totally OFF
but, sashimis are just raw fish...u can't go wrong with it rite?
even that they failed.

but service was fantastic!!!!
ambience was so-so *I said the tables were just too NEAR!!!!*
food was a big boo-boo
price was mind blowing, we spent 900 for the above.
corkage was cheap at RM 70, RM 150 for bubbly.

their premium wines were priced at a very competitive price
eg: La Tour 82 was only RM 8,500!!!!
yes 8500 only!!! instead of the usual RM 14,000.

anyway I am not goin back.
next I'm gonna try would be Chynna.
erm...maybe a few months later, after this bad experience with Hilton.

Senses - Modern Australian Cuisine
Hilton KL.
Tel: 603 2264 2592


Unknown said...

So SENSES has no sense at all?
Tried once, back then the steak was good. That was loooooong time ago..:P

CHER-RY said...

Michelle: Senses has no sense!!!! muahahahahha. That's a good one...

Yes I think u r so right!!!!

kua kua kua

Anonymous said...

Hi Cherry,

Nice blog, will let you know when Sage is open. Looking forward to cook for both of you soon.

Chef Takashi

CHER-RY said...

Konnichiwa Chef Takashi :)

Thank you for dropping by, and as u read, we are seriously in need of good food.

Looking forward to the opening of Sage. See you soon. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

chef takashi makes the best foie gras(any style) in this part of the world and prince C once told me it's even better than Les Amis foie gras and i concur!!! As for food at senses, it lacks the personal touch that one would expect from a fine dine restaurant. My Sifu once told me it's all about that "total dining experience"....the ambience, the competent staff, the service, the chef(food), the sommellier, the wines, etc.....and the company offcourse and basically did all this leave a lasting impression in you the minute you stepped out of the resturant or you just let out a big loud burppppp and that's about it!!