Friday, April 18, 2008

STYLO appreciation PARTAY

Monkey + Bry with sparkling smiles!!! Good enuff for Oral-B & Colgate?
got the invitation for the party while I was away,
and before I RSVP-ed....went ard asking the team where's the place.
It's in Bangsar....kinda far for lazy me.

dunno who went around saying Ms. Monkey not coming coz
the venue not glamorous enuff for her
Monkey + Bry with cool smiles, Oreo Nij somewat sparkling despite his nicotine addiction
what do u use? charcoal?

Oreo: "Why aren't u getting any food? The food not good enuff for u izzit???"

Oreo: "What do u wanna drink? We have beer!!!!!"
Monkey: "Not drinking."

before I can inform that I am driving alone....
Oreo: "Why??? bcoz no wine??? WE HAVE WINES U KNOW!!!!! Our wines not good enuff????"

-_- x 10000000
why lar so sensitive??
PMS-ing izzit?
Serious Kamil, Monkey, Bry
I was looking elsewhere.....hmmmm
definitely no hunks attracted me that nite coz...
they only like other hunks

disclaimer: of coz those hunks who took pic with me and got posted here are CONFIRMED straight thought they lurve to PMS.
Alex da Martian, Bry, Monkey, Kiran, Small Michelle, Oreo Nij
and me with my orange juice.

Thank u to Daephen for organising.
I lurve the dry mutton curry + fried chicken wings so much
that I had 2x portion!!!

Aiks no pic with u.:(

anyway looking fwd to another gathering with u guys.
Thank u so much for the continuous help rendered during the events.

PS: Happy Birthday to Mommy Carol!!!!! :))))))))))

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