Friday, April 25, 2008

Oodle noodle pasta

I had been away,
and someone else had been away too.

Me in moo moo land
and him in Spore.

Monkey thrashing papers and words,
him, flours eggs and more flours

*FYI: my bf is not a chef folks.*

I was busy,
and he kept himself busier, learning new skills,
so he can prepare a special meal for me when I touch down.

:))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) x 1000000000
JS, Si Fu Lawrence, MC, sorry-I-dunno-u, with Chef Lino Sauro and his assistance

JS went to learn some new culinary skill
fr the head chef of DOMVS
*Italian restaurant at Sheraton Towers Spore*

I was surprised!!!
U went to him to learn PASTA?!??!?!!?
U went to Chef Lino?!?!?!?!?

Do u get a certificate after that?
Can I tell everyone u went to Chef Lino???
*which I am already doin*

Si Fu Lawrence,
How did u manage to set this "class" up?
personalized pasta session!!!!

Chef Lino is an astounding chef with 16 years of experience,
came fr a beautiful island - Sicily
DOMVS is very very sicilian,
Chef Lino imports almost everything....seriously almost all his ingredients
from Sicily.
aaAAAaaaaa I wanna go~~~~~
*both DOMVS & Sicily*
when are we goin?!?!?!?
I am hungry now~~~~~~
I dun mind having vegetarian when it's Italian~~~~
*this monkey is a carnivore*
when I came back,
someone proudly performed his oodle noodle session in front of me,
made pasta from scratch.
as in like started fr eggs, flour, durum wheat and god knows wat do u call it.

"can't get italian eggs. hmph."
"can't get this flour, hmph."
"can't get..."

Ok hold it hold it. Dont' tell me u wanna import your own groceries now.
worse to worst, buy from Chef Lino when we are in Spore kay.

JS adapted the pasta into my style,
as in like Monkey's style!!!
my fav roast porkie~~~~~
porkie~~~ porkie~~~~~
another version was the spare ribs which I lurve so much

The texture of the pasta was seriously excellent,
with the eggy taste.
lurve it lurve it lurve it.

so creative!!!
I bet Chef Lino gonna be >_<>
I thought he taught u Sicilian style???

ok I am gonna wait for the sicilian prawns with tomato based + basil.
erm but need to buy those sweet sicilian prawns 1st wor.
time to do groceries shopping in Spore.

Si Fu,
have u tried making any yet????

Sheraton Towers Singapore
39 Scotts Road
Tel: +65 6839 5622


Joo said...

Isn't this the 3rd time already u had porkie post this year? 3 times a strike you know :P

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