Monday, April 28, 2008

GLAM Generation NEXT Party

"Where is this Borneo Rainforest Cafe??"
Baby Wei: "It's at this yada yada yada yada yada yada yada."

the rest of her words did not register into my brain,
coz all I was thinking was...
so damn Sunway!!!!!
why the heck in Sunway!!!!
*sorry Bry, no hatred towards your homeplace but it's far~~~~~~*

We took 1 hour on a Friday evening....
1 freaking hour!!!!
so u say far or not???
or I drove like a tortoise?????
Monkey, Baby Wei, Beautiful CS

I guess the motivation of meeting crazy friends made me drove that far~~~
so far~~~~
Sweet-but-Notorious Rachel and Hot Babe WeeShen

I was prepared with my small but strong muscles to carry somebody home that nite,
but......she was sober till the end.

why?? not enuff to drink??
tee hee hee
Sweet-but-Notorious Rachel, Hot Babe WeeShen, Monkey, Beautiful CS
Beautiful CS with Macho Mani
Hot mama with her Hot papa Allan
the gals with gracious host Fabian
He looked so intimidated and scared,
must be Sweet-but-Notorious Rachel who's beside him!!
tee hee hee.
Beautiful CS said she can't get the smoke out!!!
Sweet-but-Notorious Rachel: "Come let us teach u how!!!"
Sweet-but-Notorious Rachel: "Now watch!!!"
sorry folks, wat am I doin?
promoting tobacco?

Macho Mani shook his head: "Look!! She's a dragon!!!!"

yep breathing fire~~~~
Hot Papa Allan trying his skills
with French-gal-Sara and hot chick in yellow top who was not introduced to me.
wei, what's her name ar?
the place is kinda like balinese mix with outdoor cafe with a very jungle-ish theme.
I was hoping to see some cute statues of animals...

but erm...more of "human animals" around.
-_- *khamm sau*
after such a GLAM event, we went to an UN-GLAM place for supper,
my fav must have KFC~~~~~~

yeah lor, tak cukup makan during the party.
yes another round of yum seng,
them downing wines and beer and me lemon grass tea the whole nite.

Beautiful CS: "Why don't u drink?"
"I'm driving."

Beautiful CS: "-_- like I'm not driving?!?!?!?!?"

I need to come up with better excuses in the future.

hey woman,
enjoy yourself being a lazy bum for the next few days,
catch up soon!!!!
and THANKS for the pics!!!!

Credits: some pics stolen fr Beautiful CS's camera.


Bry™ said...

sunway rocks okayyyyyy ;)

CHER-RY said...

Bry: U better bring us to "sight-see" your territory.

Bry™ said...