Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hokkien Mee @ Kuchai Lama (post no.2)

Read about my 1st posting of em here *click*

This post is again dedicated to my beloved friend - Joo.
which reminds me of:
"When is our hokkien mee outing lar?"
"Nee Lee, when is your butter prawn dinner lar?"
everyone is busy incl myself.
The view fr the outside of the "shack"
see those turbine fans???

okie the word turbine is just exaggerating but it's huge.

Important advise: Never ever park your car right in front of those "turbines" or u will go home with a windscreen of pork lard. (souvenirs)
seatings are limited,
so pls come early esp during weekends.
the partition between the kitchen and the dining area
so dun mandi before u come....
u mandi after u are done stuffing urself with their yummy food.
dun play-play,
they have an executive chef *the thin woman dressed in lime green*

she will present the food with her "gold" chopstick
finishes with toppings and splashed some "secret sauce" over the dishes.

shout on orders to her sweaty chefs,
and screamed at her waitress,
"why they cancel order?"
"why they order this and this together??? Don't go well. Tell them."
"where is the noodle for table 16????"
she's fierce!!!!
tam chiak like me will take all 3 chilies
pickled chilies to go with meat - cut through the fattiness in my mouth
sambal chilies - a must for hokkien mee
chili padies - for everything else
just the way I like it....
JS pushed all the heart choking, artery clogging and hi cholesterol pork lards to me.

"oooooooo tq tq tq tq tq ....more more more sumore."

JS: "-_-"
claypot fish head curry,
I lurve it coz they load it with lotsa brinjals + cabbage + okras
and they used red snapper :)))))))))))
braised pork ribs in special sauce.
it was so so so tender and juicy~~~~~~

Waitress: "one hokkien mee, one fish head curry, one porkie. WAH both of u can finish or not? don't order so much. Enough already."

both Monkey + JS: "-_- YESssssss and we want vege also."
romaine lettuce + garlic
I like the slightly charred garlic,
such distinctive flava...
their stove is seriously = bon fire!!!!!

after clearing all the plates and rubbing our cute tummies~~~
Waitress: "Wah both of u can reaaaaallly eat wor. Good good. This is called 'fook'. "

both of us...-_-

checque pls!!!!
Total damage: RM 60
excld cholesterol pills etc etc

Hokkien Mee
Jalan Kangkung
*beside the church*
Off Jalan Kuchai Lama.


Joo said...

Wah, got a post dedicated to me...so touched :P

That day I tasted another good hokkien mee in Kepong. That stall is in front of ppl's house heh.

I would still say the hokkien mee near my office still the best :P

How bout this friday you guys swing over? I call my boss to join as well la!

hungry man said...

the head/executive chef was actually behaving like sir gordon ramsay in hell's kitchen....and looking at the state of the kitchen(i meant the grease and oil stain!!), this is "the hell's kitchen" guys!! haha :)