Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Majestic Hotel, Malacca

pic stolen fr somebody's Flickr
this heritage building sat right in front of Malacca's river,
it ain't big so u'll need a mighty pair of eyes to find it.

once we found the entrance, drove by its lil roundabout cum fountain
on its lil garden,
JS parked his mobile.

we were instantly greeted by the friendly staffs luggin our stuffs
and JS's dirty laundry *kua kua kua* from golf
and my dirty shoes from stepping on the golfcourse
the concierge area
looks familiar right?
with that bouquet of flowers on a marble table?

De Ja Vu....macam Starhill~~~my 2nd home.
all YTL's properties are the same. -_-
we were then seated and served by "I-Like-Mr-JS" hotel manager.

-_- HMPH!!!
and were given cold drinks + warm towels.
"Not-shy-to admit-I-Like-Mr-JS" hotel manager who is a HE

then proceed to give us the standard YTL introduction.
sounds like some retarded Ms. Chua whom I know.

stop hitting at my BF!!!
and we were brought to our suite
by "I-really-really-like-u-Mr-JS" hotel manager who is a HE

sat us down and continue to act like Ms. Chua whom I knew.
*yes YTL's standard and pre-requisite to join this org*
the open bath with its stand a lone tub.
by that time all I really wanted was a massage and zzZZZzzzzz
but NO...
this "I-really-really-really-Like-u-Mr-JS" hotel manager who brought this basket up
then proceeded to serve us tea.
*slaps forehead*

and continued to talk.
chinese tea....

still talking and talking
with no response from both of us.

at that time...I sooo wanted to sell my bf..
give him your number so I can sssssleeeeeeepppp.
but he soon realised it and excused himself and left.

alrite let's not let him bother me so much
*which he already did*

this hotel is really nice with overly personalised service.
well pros and cons.
pic stolen from someone's Flickr
it has a lil dipping pool,
with the SPA overlooking it and the green house GYM beside it.
all the rooms are on the NEW wing of this hotel...
so u don't feel eerie staying in such an old building.
walking on this corridor can be a nightmare
it's too quiet too scary and too un-hotel.
on the old building, it still retained most of its original architecture.
original windows
and tiles!!! oh my oh my, they are beautiful
lazy chair for reading
ingredients used for spa,
galangal, ginger, gula melaka, etc
the world's only Baba- nyonya spa
trust me, it's over hyped.
and a separate parking on the other side,
the staff then proceed by re-parking JS's mobile on the other side.

hmmm no wonder the garden was so beautiful and empty.
we thought that there's no one staying in that hotel,
but apparently it's quite full of Sporeans.

This hotel retained its colonial, portuguese and baba nyonya heritage,
all in one.
our goodnite delicacies....kuih!!!
no goodnite chocolates.

oooOOooo but we didn't take it,
thanks to our scrumptious seafood dinner
*will blog bout that tmrw kay*

still at the concierge area
by the time we reached home around midnite

and giving us his sparkling million dollar smiles.....
"Hello Mr. JS. Good night!!!"

you wanna tuck Mr. JS to sleep???
I don't think so.

anyway this hotel is sweet!!!
I'll go again definitely.

The Majestic Malacca
188 Jalan Bunga Raya,
75100 Melaka, Malaysia.
Tel: +606 289 8000

Pls note that prices on the website are in USD


licheng said...

Definitely majestic!

CHER-RY said...

Kindy Chai: oh yes u must stay there at least once :))))))))))