Monday, July 21, 2008

Kerang @ Bunga Raya, Malacca

It's actually kerang by the drain,
kerang = cockles
anyway this place serves all sorts of mollusk
u name it, they'll prepare it
the idea of drain is not like this,
this is actually the Malacca river.
msians' idea of drain is equivalent to the above...
on the back lane of some old shoplots...
the drains were covered by wooden planks...

and there u go..
sitting and squatting at some stools meant for toddlers
sucking mollusk out of its shell.

definitely not for the faint-hearted.
there's 2 stalls there,
go to the original one with "one-hand-uncle"
yes u'll alwiz see him in "genting-liked-batik-shirt" 365 days.
where he'll perpetually scoop the prawn paste into the saucer.
and of coz, he lost his left hand.

this place is packed the whole nite!!!!
with sporeans and malaccans
this was the excellent sauce he prepared,
thick prawn paste,
chili paste,
a dash of lime,
and topped it with pounded peanuts.
there's a variety of mollusk u can order
each ranging from RM 1 = RM 1.80

the above were snails fr paddy field...
it was the hardest to consume,
with its sandy muddy taste,
and of coz slimy texture.

the rest would be cockles, clams, weird looking shells,
anyway got to try their "toufu bakar" = BBQ toufu
sotong kangkung = squid and water spinach
and some other items written on the wall which we didn't bother to try.
yes u'll be crammed alongside other patrons,
eating on a 2 feet table with a blue plastic pail in the middle,

everything prepared on the spot,
mollusks were just boiled under 1 minute to retain its sweetness and flavour
u just got to dig them with that tiny lil fork
and dip em with "one-hand-uncle"'s special sauce.

not too bad for a surreal experience.
it was JS's 1st and he took it easy.

One-Hand-Uncle Cockle Shop/Stall/watever u call it
some back lane of Jalan Bunga Raya,

If u can't find it, ask the locals.

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