Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lucky Restaurant, Taman Bahagia

Beautiful CS: "Hi baby, we'll have dinner with So Hilt Sharon & Monkey tmrw at Lucky."
Charming YS: "Lucky???? U sure Monkey can eat there? It's a "tai chow"!!"

I lurve tai chow ok.

Off topic:
The Previous nite at an event,
"hey miss monkey, I heard they won't be serving Krug tonite, only Moet. You want me to bring some Krug for u?"

sigh -_-
Romaine Lettuce
this got to be my fav on the table *apart fr the fish*
sliced pork with salted fish and tonnes of aubergine

I lurveeeee aurbergines
or eggplant u call it..
some call it brinjal.
claypot chicken in dark soy sauce with yummy caramelised garlic

ASAM FISH :)))))))))))
with my fav aubergines *hehehehe*
and okras or ladies finger u call it,
long beans and the usual must have in "asam fish"

Thank you to Mr. YS for dinner.
my tummy was the happiest that nite.


Anonymous said...

slurps... saliva drooling again... where exactly is this restaurant ar? Taman Bahagia is at Cheras?

CHER-RY said...

Loose: It's near Kelana Jaya/Tmn Bahagia in PJ. Use LDP fr south, pass the LRT station then keep left.

At the underpass (where u usually u-turn to the LRT station), u take a right turn.

You will immediately see some white colored shops on your left. Drive another 100m and u will see another new row of shops. Lucky is at the corner opposite the residential area.