Friday, July 11, 2008

Ikan Bakar @ Sungai Duyong

Some call it Sg Duyong,
some Muara Sg Duyong...
Muara = Estuary

so this place is at the estuary of Sg Duyong.
but the restaurant is at the river's mouth(Sg Duyong)
overlooking Straits of Malacca.
our fragrant hot nasi lemak overlooking Sg Duyong and the sea
we choose the table at the edge with the BEST view out of 150 tables
what else can u ask? sea and river!!!
and watched the sunset
spicylicious dip of dark soy sauce, soy sauce, shallots, concoction of chilies, belacan and lime

after we were seated, JS went to the queue
to select the fresh produce to be BBQ
coz I dunno how to select nor identify fishes...
to = fish

just grab a basket, throw watever u want innit
at the end of the queue, there's this malay chap
who'll weigh your fishes, prawns, squids, apa apa lar
and ask how do u wanna cook it?
time to unwrap the fragrantlicious nasi lemak
they wrapped it while the rice were steaming hot
hence it cooked the banana leaves...see it's burnt yellow dy.

the sambal belacan was freaking hot and full of belacan
that's the ultimate to enjoy nasi lemak.
Sotong goreng tepung
Deep fried squid

Pls do not speak english when u order,
coz nobody speaks english here.
If u want the above just yelp sotong goreng tepung!!!

damn good coz it was caught on that day
with peppery flour it was good on its own.
Lala goreng sambal
Stir fried clams in spicy chili paste

the clams were huge and juicy!!!
and all its meat were still intact on its shell
spells freshness!!!!

despite the crowd
*hundreds of them*
we didn't have to wait long for our food,
and it came in such order..
starter, appetizer, main
very very well organized
coz this place is run by mamaks
BBQ-ed otak otak!!!!

it's fish cake wrapped in sago leaves
and then BBQ
very good and yummy bcoz the composition of spices were so balanced
it is made fr fish *mackerel*, coconut cream, chilies, lemon grass, turmeric etc.

the moment I unwrapped it....
steams & juices were oozzzziiinnggg out.
I dunno wat BBQ fish stuffed with more chilies + belacan
so sweet and fresh!!!

if u have a faint heart for chilies,
this place is not for u.

well it is not exactly clean but quite clean considering the number of pax
they are serving,
service was very fast....staffs were diligent
and the offerings were great.
*I wished we could have eaten more, but stomach capacity is small*

Definitely better than Umbai, Padang Temu etc
which are more expensive, over-hyped, super dirty with stray cats.

Total damage for the above dinner:
RM 40 wahahahahahahahhaahaha
yes I checked the bill 5x and confirmed no mistakes

and we had fresh coconut drinks. :)))))))))))

sorry, no address,
no signage on the road,
tel no...erm I forgot to ask that pak cik.

Just call me when u wanna go,
I'll give directions.


sleng said...

is this stall in Melaka?? if it is, i'm gonna ask Yeo to bring me there this weekend ;))

neil said...

ahhh... I want the sotong goreng tepung :P~

licheng said...

mouth watering ;D~~~~

cher-ry said...

SLeng: Yes it's in MALACCA!!! Every malaccan should know where it is!!!

Nee Lee: Where's your udang first?? We are still waiting for your butter prawns.

Kindy Chai: oooOooo yes yummy and cheap. U can eat pedas ar?