Wednesday, July 23, 2008

BMW Golf Cup @ Kota Permai, Selangor

We reached Kota Permai on a glorious Sunday afternoon,
with the sun shining high on our heads,
we almost have to slap sun block everywhere.

moments later after our lunch..............
it rained heavily,
thunder storm,
and the siren came..............
rain or shine,
Haagen-Dazs here we come!!!!

During this leg, there's were more flavours offered to the golfers,
must be Baby Wei's complaints...

There!! u got your belgian chocolate and my macadamia nuts...
can u psycho the team to gimme rum & raisin for the next round???
and the sun came out...........
Happy days are here again!!!
Baby Wei & Monkey
For our next golf tournament,
bring sunblocks, bikinis, rummi board games, rackets,
what else??
we are sooooooo gonna have fun at the resort.

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