Tuesday, July 01, 2008


when I looked up :)
wow, swaying palm tree
u must bee thinking that we are lazing around the beach.
I looked down...
oooo thorny beautiful cactus.
hmmm....where are we?
of hills and greens....and cloudless sky
and more cactus
Bill, JS, Graham
we were at Secret Valley Golf & Country Club
JS won the game by so many strokes..
and took their $$$$$

playing golf overseas was so different fr Msia,
the marshals were all over watching you
making sure you abide the rules and speed.

in Msia,
even if u killed the caddy, no one knows.
or more like pretend not to know.
mini coke!!! it's a baby coke!!! so cute~~~~~
Tracie said the best way to enjoy it is...
straight fr its bottle...
greek salad with cheese,
the tomatoes were so so juicy and red and sweet.
they used lebanese cucumber which I don't think we can get here.
and we came here for.....TA-RA
pork kebab
Dinos was so sweet and looked high and lo for this shop..
he called his friends for directions.
St. Paul's church
after lunch we went to Paphos town,
Paphos is included in UNESCO's list of cultural and natural treasure of worlds' heritage.
St. Paul's church was built by Saul of Tarsus = Saint Paul of Apostle

was also mentioned in Act of Apostles

*bible lor*

this is St Paul's pillar
where u'll be tied and whipped...

see JS's happy face...
get to whip monkey...sure ler.

with a thin fragile stick like tooth pick.

by the time it landed on my spongy butt,
....the stick was gone with the wind.........
hiak hiak hiak.
then Dinos drove us to Paphos port,
full of Brits
I thought we were in UK.
wow so clear!!!
I can see the seaweed and fishes swimming in between.
if u wanna go on a tour out to the sea
call this number and my name is errrr galatoboureko galaroboureko
eeeeeeee I can't read greek.
Medieval castle!!!
surrounded by water
we climbed up!!!
dangerous and rocky but what a breathless view.
when we looked down.....it's full of huge sharp rocks..
nothing will survive the fall though it's not that high
you can see the port fr the castle
what are u doin down in the dungeon???
this pic did no justice to the beauty of this castle...
u have to be there to experience it.
there were big loud greek....opss I mean Brits weddings on most of the yachts.
these Brits flew the whole jing gang to Cyprus and have their wedding here.
Dinos wanted to take us to downtown for Haagen Daaz
but we insisted we can have Walls or Nestle or whatever ice cream
that's available...
why??? coz Haagen Daaz downtown won't give us this VIEW!!!!

Dinos: "Look at this!!! Look what they have done to Paphos!! It's full of tourist and alien workers!!!! and they can't even speak GREEK!!!!

yes it's really sad to see a part of Cyprus losing its identity.
but I did enjoy the place.
Thanks for bringing us there. :)))

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