Thursday, July 03, 2008

St Sophia Cathedral/ Selimiye Mosque

When 2 become one,
of church and mosque...................
the Turkey flag stood/lazered/painted *god knows how they do it* on the mountain
It was a long journey to Nicosia.
Nicosia is the capital of Cyprus
of financial and trading hub.
Dinos: "Look!! your favourite!!!"
Me: "Oooooooo so cute!!!"

Dinos: "On the way to the slaughter house...look a while longer, coz in Northern Cyprus, u don't get pork. Don't even mention the word PORK there."'s such a taboo :((((
May I present u, Mr. JS's hand writing...."chicken scratch"
Cyprus is the only country in the WORLD
still divided into 2...
but it is ONE country.

Why is it so complicated?!?!?!??!
can't u ppl just be friends?????

Northern Cyprus is governed by the Turks
with the United Nation guarding the border.
I wanted to snap pics for u guys to see...but no camera allowed.
and we needed VISA to pass through.
after my "massive" shopping in Nicosia,
we passed thru the security check and walked across the border....
The border was only opened a month ago to pedestrian.
okie off topic...
I got the LV Roxbury Drive *red* in Nicosia
and it was farking CHEAP
okie back to Northern Cyprus,
after we crossed over, it was a total change....
streets were so cramp
no high rise building.

ppl were.....according to Dinos...the hairline is lower.
*okie another long story*

women with traditional turkish dresses with head scarves.
bearded men in whites.
it was like 20 years back~~~~

"Don't even mention PORK ok!!"

I even asked the nite before...
"Do I have to cover myself properly when I'm there?"
"well wear anything you want, but be prepared to be stared at."
pickled vegetables!!!
of capers leaves, celery and chilies
it's sourish and spicy
refreshing mint yogurt drink
garden salad of sweet tomatoes and lebanese cucumber
we came for this!!!!
lamb kebab cum sausage...
it was grilled then chopped into smaller pieces
and finally, deep fried to perfection.
and it's SPICY yo.

"Don't ask for PORK ok?? No PORK here Cherry!!!"
"I didn't!!!" :(((

am i such a porkie person??? I won't die without it!!!
grilled fatty yummy juicy lamb and yummy chick wings
wow what can I ask for?
marinated in spices and char-grilled in a stone oven???
Monkey & Veeny
yes it was scorching HOT in Northern Cyprus
how come???
just across the border only!!!
JS and Happy Dinos
we won't know wat to do without u..
how to order food...or more like how to demand the food to be cooked your style.
Turkish delight!!!!
and more!!! I can feel my teeth are falling~~~~
St Sophia Cathedral and now...Selimiye Mosque
Aya Sofia???
constructed in 1209 as St Sophia Cathdral
the KINGS of CYPRUS were crowned here.
and when the Turks took over...
it became a mosque.
a MOSQUE????
they called it mosque over the church
argh..... wat a waste!!!
look at the architecture
right now it is the CHIEF mosque of Northen Cyprus.
we were still wondering how did that happen~~~~~
then we walked around this Turk town and saw this lil lodge used hundreds of years ago
on the ground floor were stables for the horses
while the 1st floor accommodate the tired lonely travelers.
they turned it to cafes and handicraft shops now.
Dinos went back to the same place we had our lunch
for his Turkish dessert which I forgot its name again.
See the Turkish flag flying at the back?
Time to cross over to civilization again.

reminded me of crossing from Shenzhen to Hong Kong.
that was exactly the same feeling
but now Shenzhen is soooo developed.

Veeny, we can be your guide if u wanna go to HK. :)

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