Friday, July 04, 2008

Dinner at Marios & Nandia

Finally it's here!!!
the post of Marios's Souvla
Souvla = large pieces of meat cooked on a loooOooooonnnngggg skewer over charcoal.

Marios intended to make chicken and lamb
but JS doesn't eat chicken so we had PORK and lamb
*weeeeeeeeeeeee double bonus*
Marios & Nandia's garden
u see their cat sat cozily under the chair??
they planted a lot of herbs around the garden
and an olive tree too :)
when we arrived at their home....
we smelled the yummy juicy meat all the way fr the parking lot.
Dinos as usual.....-_- sigh
"I don't want my meat to be overcooked. Please make sure it's yada yada yada yada yada"

Marios: "What are you doin Dinos?"
Dinos: "Checking my meat"

Marios: "They are not ready."
Dinos: "No it looks ready."

U can't have 2 cooks in the same kitchen rite?
Nandia made so many dishes,
from roast potatoes to....
pasta with mint and cheese
pickled chilies and quail eggs
and cottage cheese with chilis
my fav garden salad with lotsa baby spinach
WOW!!! it's ready!!!!

Traditional Souvla are made fr neck and shoulder of lamb or pork.
u must cut the meat + bones equally
so that there's a distribution on weight on the skewer for it to
turn and turn and turn and turn as it grill.

hence u need SKILLS to load the meat unto the skewer.
Marios unloading the juicy yummy succulent meat
someone said he wanna try too...
pls don't drop my dinner on the floor ya!!!
Ta-Da...yes now u can work at a kebab shop.
oooOooooo the pic looks good don't they?
wait till u sink your teeth unto the meat.....:)))))))))))))
the skin was crispy can die
the meat was so juicy wrapping around the bones.
time to makan!!! wow look at the spread for 6 of us
Veeny, Marios, Dinos, Nandia, Monkey
Veeny made creme caramel...
I was searching hi and lo for rooms in my stomach :)
Lil cat said it want a bite too.

Thank you Marios & Nandia for the great dinner,
pls do make souvla for us again ya. :))
when are u coming to Malaysia??

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