Wednesday, July 09, 2008

BMW Golf Cup @ Tiara, Malacca

Folks, I'll be blogging about this golf tournament,
every now and then.....
Now u know where my weekends gone to
*certain weekends*
so don't come and nag me if I don't spend enuff time with u ppl.
Alex da Ah Beng, Super nice Stanley, Chris da Boss, JS

PROS wannabe!!!

Monkey: "So your theme = BLUE today?"
Ah Beng: "Yes. Can't be a PRO at least dress like ONE."


Monkey: "Can u not play so well and let me boss win??? I am looking fwd to my promotion."
JS: "he he he he he"

in the end, he won.
"sorry ya, I won."

Baby Wei, Mommy Jacky, Monkey

our just woke up face.
yeah we woke up at 5am.

GAH!!! it's not like we are goin to queue up for 99.99% markdown sale
Pic taken by Baby Wei

Baby Wei and her Dessert Galore
and u are still so slim
pls eat more!!!!
the nite before, we literally begged to go to Jonker street,
coz our "Charlie Boss" ain't giving the green light.

"It's so dangerous for u ladies to walk out at nite!!"

what the......-_-
lotsa knick knacks but we didn't buy anything
Monkey, Baby Wei, Mommy Jacky
instead we settled for FOOD
and dessert of coz....
Nyonya ice kacang with lotsa "Gula Melaka"
= palm sugar
even my Mango Ice I added Gula Melaka
Nyonya Asam Laksa
the famous Geographer Cafe

we actually had dinner earlier at Boss's fav stall
fish ball noodle

"Come to Malacca eat fish ball noodle????"
everyone : >_<>
Oyster ommelette
not as good as Penang though.
then our babysitter Boss took us back to the hotel ASAP.
konon dangerous for us to hang out so late.
If we wanna have drinks....go to the HOTEL.
mai tai, sex on the Beach, Tequila sunrise

Chris the babysitter: "Quickly finish your drinks and go to sleep. So late already."

O_O!!!!! wei even my dad don't ctrl me that way ok?
from the look of our eyes....
we were quite tired~~~~

what to do...the ANGELS got assignment to do the next day.

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