Monday, July 07, 2008

de FoodLand Seafood Restaurant

I better post this up coz somebody has been nagging.....

"When are u gonna post it up???"

Monkey & Beautiful CS
we were treated to a scrumptious yummylicious dinner
by Beautiful CS and Charming YS
can start a brand name for u guys
"Kong po" mantis prawn...
the mantis prawn was crunchy with a super twist
sweet and juicy on the inside.
stir fried scallops with ginger and spring onion
Beautiful CS was craving for this weeks ago..

"I want scallopssssssss.....I want"

yep, the scallops were gigantic in size
this place also serve "Buddha/monk jump over the wall"
but reservation in advance plssssssss.
4 heavenly kings - sei tai tien wong
no.....not Aaron, Andy, Hacken or Jackie

consist of brinjal, long beans, okra and wing beans
*wing beans = kacang botol or 4 corner beans or whatever lar*

can somebody tell me why is this dish name that way?
Special Taste Prawn is the name of this lovely dish
they used "big head prawn"
Creamy buttery cheesy CRABS!!!!

of coz we came for this!!!!!
de Foodland is famous for its "30 creative ways to cook a crab"
is its tagline!!

we went BONKERS looking at the menu..
all also we wanna

and this Beautiful CS tempted me by sending the website
for this monkey to drool at..........weeks before.
went so well with the fried bread/bun
if there isn't rice...we would have ordered rolls of this!!!!
WAH!!!!!! my favourite!!!
JS & Monkey
oh yes...we were very very happy
*and so did the tummies*
the aftermath~~~~~~
Beautiful CS: "Eh macam tak cukup lar........can u still eat?"
Monkey: "Yeah wat do u have in mind?"
Beautiful CS: "heeeeeeeeee :)" *grinning*

Charming YS & JS = (((((O_O)))))

Monkey: "Aiks....we'll order something small ok."
FRIED SQUID in curry powder
Beautiful CS & Charming YS
thank you for the dinner...
next time we'll go again ya!!

anyway folks,
this place has a website..

I've tagged the link to the crab page...
so are u tempted now????


neil said...

waahhhhhh I wanna makan crab also!!! :P~

CHER-RY said...

Nee Lee: Which one u want? There are 30 types. :)