Saturday, July 05, 2008

Life of a lazy pampered Monkey

that kind of life only happen in Cyprus
where u get to be pampered all day long
without having to think about work.

ok...I'll try to juggle between work and play then
Msians don't enjoy their life that much
hence the poor quality of life

Life revolves around work...
I sleep with my work,
dreamnt of my work,
wake up to the sound of alarm reminding me of more work,
drove in the quiet morning planning my work,
have coffee over work, lunch *if there's any* over work,
okie enuff!!!
back to my post.
our healthy breakfast every morning..
I thought this was what cypriots eat..
but apparently only Dinos & Veeny
hence the beautiful skin and healthy hair.

got to lurveeeee their melons,
better than japanese ones...and much cheaper.
we tapau-ed 3 biji back to Msia.
fresh apricots, fresh plums, fresh strawberries....
during this time of the year, *spring*
weather is so lovely that we did everything outdoor
including meals.
OMG!! where are u driving to~~~
down the ravine.
yes Monkey is driving..
I am proud to claim that I am a very very safe driver,
despite having to drive down to the ravine.

JS was clinging on to the golf buggy..
"slow down slow down slow down"
Monkey & Jane fr Birmingham
we went to Aphrodite Golf & Country Club again.

beautiful golf course of valley, ravines, streams, sea and stunning bungalows
with pretty pools, underground rooms *my gawd*, gigantic satellite dish
yeah many Russians and Brits stay here.

On one of those day,
Dave: "Look at that bungalow over there....." *pointing to a massive huge structure being built*
Monkey & JS: "Woooowwww"

Dave: "That belongs to the Danish ship tycoon's....."
Monkey & JS: "really???"
Dave: "Erm....I have yet to finish the sentence. It belongs to his PILOT."

WTF...then where is his gigantic house???
signature hole 18...
can u see the sea on the horizon?
that's the Mediterranean Sea.
they were doin some repair works on the green
hence it wasn't an enjoyable game..
the ball hopped like a kangaroo.
later that day......we went to do groceries shopping,
I soooo wanted to shout to the grocer "DINOS sent me here!! gimme the best!!!"
but it was Veeny's territory hence VEENY RULES!!!!
more fresh peaches and fresh plums and fresh oranges
I can't stop touching them
gazillon type of em.
fr small lil ones to those huge buffalo tomatoes.

I want I want I want!!!!

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