Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Chatterbox, Meritus Mandarin

The motive of this post is...
to make Beautiful CS salivates,
*told ya u kenot miss this!!!!*
Chatterbox has been relocated to floor 38th/39th
of Meritus's Grand tower along Orchard Road.

it's now on the top floor of the ex-revolving french restaurant,
just that it doesn't move/revolve.
they have other items on the menu
such as lobster laksa *yet to try*
wan tan mee *pic above*
can u see how crispy the wan tans are???
it's comfort food for me!!!!!

I dunno why I tend to get very moody whenever I'm in Spore,
Must be the walking,
the lack of sleep,
lack of mood to shop when there's sales everywhere,
lack of work maybe...

JS will just haul me up to Chatterbox
and I'll be very happy after that.

*tell me where to get gf like this????heheheh hahahah*

pic stolen fr someone's flickr

it comes with 3 yummy sauces - ginger, chili, thick sweet soy sauce.
the rice was so yummy and I can finish the whole bowl!!!!
and there's a piece of soft toufu in their chicken soup
always ask for drumstick ya!!!
that's the best part.

even JS *who must have been a feathery chicken in his previous life, I think*
who does not consume chicken....whacked everything.

yes at SGD 23++ is a bit steep for chicken rice,
but believe me, u will not regret it!!!!

38th/39th Meritus Mandarin,
Tel: +65 6831 6291

opens daily:
Sun - Thur = 5am to 1am
Fri, Sat, Eve of PH = 24 hours

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