Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Domvs, Sheraton Towers

He's very happy,
coz it seems he was the only one who went home
and put the new knowledge into use.

Read about JS & gang taking pasta class with Chef Lino *here*

Finally, I got to meet the Chef in person,
but no pics,
next time kay folks :)
when u dine at a place where u also happen to know the Chef,
it's usually special....really really special.

nothing on the menu,
just let him do the magic in the kitchen.

and he created a new creation of sashimi prawn in some grilled sauce?
seriously forgotten wat was it coz it was soooo last month.
ok promise, i will bring a lil notebook a long in the future to take note.
and Si Fu Lawrence blinded us with this baby,
totally FIERCE!!!
can do a few more years of cellaring.

this Si Fu lurves to kill our brain cells
by bringin unorthodox wines and blind us,
and made us guessing for like.....forever....

anyway Si Fu just got his virgin chicken pox
get well soon ya...we'll fly down to see u this weekend :)))
I've already got mine 10 years ago...so don't worry.
handmade fresh pasta with huge scallops, sicily prawns and yummy squid
in saffron sauce.

it was a light and easy nite,
so nothing too elaborate.
U can't be eating like a king everyday don't ya?
kill u faster!!!!

goodbye my porkie,
goodbye my bacon,
goodbye my sausages.
Chef also add in some fresh small mussels and clams
See how precise the squid was....almost like slicing with a ruler.
Meo Camuzet!!!!

off topic:
ST is moving on *to aussie* and will be closing his beloved yummylicious
wine shop!!!
JS, quick go and gasak.
usually prosciutto are served before your main,
but Doc came later with another stunning wine,
we got to have something in our mouth...
and Chef prepared specially flown in prosciutto and melons.
this one was JS's favourite
fierce label spells fierce wines.
kinda forgotten wat was this....
my chocolate dome!!!!!!!!
with gold leaves :))))))))

Sheraton Towers Singapore
39 Scotts Road
Tel: +65 6839 5622

Thank you to Tracie & Si Fu Lawrence for dinner

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