Monday, July 28, 2008

Pontini, Grand Copthorne

"Grand Copthorne pls"
Cab Driver: "Which Grand Copthorne missy?"

Cab Driver: "Waterfront?"
"Oh...yes that one."

Si Fu Lawrence: "Next time, tell them it's the one near to Zouk. By the way, have u been to Velvet Underground??"
starter of parma ham, cold cut and grilled veggies.

the 1st time we came to Pontini was last year
to celebrate JS's b-day..
and it was also my first experience with Romanee St.Vivant
*taste bud super corrupted!!!*

wat's the price of St Vivant now??
it was SGD 1200 last year

Read about it *here*
seafood and tomato linguine,
I must say's very good but JS's tomato sauce is more awesome!!!
Sorry Chef Michele.
I was expecting to be blinded by Doc,
but the silly head waitress opened the wine socks for everyone to see.
we had this at Kome last month....
mushroom and bacon pasta!!!!
Doc ordered degustation portion,
but it was size XXL degustation.
"GAH!!! wat's that in the middle??!?!?!?!"
JS: "Foie Gras & truffles baby."
wood fired oven baked pizza
best pizza in town..
sorry La Strada, Chef Michele won this round!!!
Chef Michele makes excellent meat all the time,
but we were so full by then.
all the awesome wines we had that nite....
they usually cost more than the dinner.
we truly enjoyed them.
Emily ordered a light dessert for all of us
Lychee sorbet..
so yummylicious.

After dinner,
we went to Gelatissimo and Monkey had her 2nd dessert.

JS: "I thought u were VERY full????"
Monkey: "HEEEEEEEEEE. It's only gelato!!!"
JS: ">_<"
My favourite wine of the nite....
no question asked!!!
it's Clos St Denis
hahahahaha, MSD is just my cup of tea.
errr or my glass of wine.

Pontini Italian Restaurant
Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel
392 Havelock Road,
Singapore 169663
Tel: +65 6733 0880

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