Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ikan Bakar Sungai Duyong, Malacca

I just wished all of u can have a whiff of the freshly made nasi lemak
wrapped in fragrant banana leaf
and when u touch's warm and soft....
upon unveiling, the smell of coconut milk hits ur face

I'm hungry now...yearning for a lovely pack of nasi lemak in the morning
at Sungai Duyong, they served every pack freshly made and packed
with their signature dark soya sauce dip wif chili, shallots and lime
Yep it was Valentine's Day and Monkey & JS were dining romantically under the stars by the SEA :P
*wif candles and mosquitoes coil*

nope we dun celebrate V-Day...coz JS said everyday is V Day :)))
as usual, we drive around for yummy good food and landed our bums here :)))
back to that amazing pack of nasi lemak
here u go........
its grains were amazingly FAT soft and fluffy...
with that coconut milk yumminess and a dollop of sambal which was so intensely concentrated
u know wat I mean???

the nasi lemak here is about 60 cents per pack *I think*
and it is made this small with lil sambal coz it's meant to eat with ur main dishes
kangkong belacan...spicy yo!!!!
freshly BBQ-ed Otak Otak
50 cents each
it has got so much of fish, squid and prawns innit...
with a slightly sweetness - must b fr the blend of fresh seafood
they used a gas stove!!!!!
deep fried fresh squid was gone in seconds :P
we lurve small fishes coz it's pack with such sweetness & the flesh is so smooth
the above was marinated with kunyit and deep fried
I dunno wat fish were these....packed with chili paste inside and BBQ-ed!!!!!
very very yummy.....coz everything was so fresh!!!!
the format of dining here.....
state the number of they can start packing ur beautiful wonderful nasi lemak
then go queue up to select your fishes, prawns, clams, squids, crabs, and other weird snails
weigh them and dictate how u wan it to b cook msian style of coz...
yea I know we r BIG eaters :P
but it's difficult to order more for 2 diners :P

Sungai Duyong is still one of our favourite place for Ikan Bakar
and most of all friendly and efficient staff

the above dinner was RM 48.00 plus 4 drinks, 4 nasi lemak, 10x otak-otak, 3x big fish, 2x small fish, 2 huge fried squids, 1 plate kangkong


neil said...

I'm sooo hungry!

Anonymous said...

Nice one babe! :)

Happy belated Valentine's day to u n JS!


js said...

Same to u all is well with u :))

Tsu Lin + + said...

Ikan kembung, kut! So lurvely! This is the best anti-valentines day I've ever read.

CHER-RY said...

TL: tak tau whether it is ikan kembung or not but my stomach sure kembung after all those yummy goodness!!!!!! hahahahhahahaa

Anonymous said...

Thank you JS! Trust all is well with you and your sis too! :)

I'm hoping for a good year this 2011. Told Monkey I just joined the gym. Wish me luck to hang on for as long as I can! hahaha...

Eat well and stay healthy!


js said...

Txs ell. Sis is in Israel and still under going treatment. She is recovering well.
Remember it's all in the mind this exercise concept.......and keeping in shape is 70% diet and 30% exercise :))

Anonymous said...

Oh dear! 70% diet??????

Quote from Monkey "Slap forehead"!

I've been trying hard to cut down my food intake and learn more abt calories and stuff. Probably still not used to it. Almost fainted the other day at the gym after, hmm... I would say "easy" exercise routine. The trainer said I didn't eat enuf food to give me energy. Or shd I say, I memang tak ada stamina lah! :''(


CHER-RY said...

Elly: Dun listen to him!!! He's very strict about food and calories count...GAH!!!!

Gambatei there with ur gym routine!!! dun give up...ur stamina will surely builds up!!!!!