Friday, February 18, 2011


Monkey is so happy coz after 1 agony week *yes it was tat long*
we managed to get our flight tickets to Japan :D

to the travel agent:
"wat???? it's only Feb and all the tickets are gone???????????'s for SUMMER!!!!!"

damn....there are more KIASU travelers in Msia than us!!!!
booking 6 months in advance -_-"
and so we waited for 1 week for 2 kiasu travelers in business class to cancel their tickets :P
dom dee dum....
and it happen :)))))))))))))))
so so so so happyyyyyyyyyyyy
TQ to the other 2 kiasu travelers :D heeeeeeeeeeeee
and 48 hours ago, Monkey & JS were busy doin all the planning and preps

He wanna extend and go to Hokkaido
Monkey reminded him we dun have the luxury of time

JS: "How come wor????"
Monkey: "Coz we still need to allocate at least a day at Disneyland Tokyo!!!!"

JS popped his eyes like his boss :P
"HUH DISNEYLAND???? when did we say we wanna go to Disneyland?????????????
"errrr not I say or u say.....Berr said shuddup and go!!!!"
JS pulled a long long face~~~~~~~before answering: "okie lor....we go Disneyland lor......"

Berr hi-five-ed me :)))))))))))))))
my friends said Disneyland Tokyo is the best disneyland in the world
well how often can u find Minnie dressed in kimono?????

Thank you to Su San, Kindy Chai, J&J Jelina and Leanne for all the info and details
with ur help, I am sure we will roam the very best of Japan

Ohaiyo Nippon!!!!!
are u ready for Monkey *Saru*, JS & Berr????????????
well so in the mean time...let's focus at work and more work :)))))))))
Happy Friday Folks!!!!

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