Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Birthdays Lou Hei!!!!!

Yee Sang has got many versions originated from various parts of China
but the contemporary version that we are eating these days was popularised in Singapore
so there u go...another dish claimed by Singapore!!!!
so 2 weeks ago....yeah we started eating yee sang weeks ago :P
*tradiationally u r supposed to eat it on the 7th day of CNY*
also to celebrate Con Con & Ass Kickin Vonne's bday
"Mommy I want this!!!!"
The ladies were late....bcoz....it took 4 adults to assemble and disassemble a baby pram
it aint' easy goin out with a child and a baby
bags and bags of "their" stuffs
so we gotta salute Con Con for goin around places independently
my first time at this restaurant in this new territory
was surprised that the road from Bulatan Pahang to Gombak is so well organised these days
most importantly....Ms. Alpine's GPS can locate this place :))
so many new roads popping faster than pop corns for the past 12 months
that everytime Monkey drives past a new place....Ms. Alpine will beep saying that we r driving at NOWHERE
well better than it states that we r driving ON THE SEA
*like some version of new Alphard only has got Japan's map*
Con Con, Chan Lu, Ass Kickin Vonne
when tossing yee sang must merrily say auspicious wishes for a new year new beginning ahead
the higher u toss the higher the growth of ur fortune
hmmmm can I grow taller and higher then? maybe with the help of higher killer heels
everyone's favourite from 5 to 80 years old :P
chinese usually have their fish "whole"
must have head and tail for a good beginning and closure
rabbit year must eat more greens and fruits!!!!!!
every place claimed their homemade toufu is the best
and every place serves almost the same texture and taste....do they get the toufu fr the same supplier?
Su San is very good with kids and babies
they simply adore her all the time
see who can cry louder :P
Ass Kickin Vonne lurves kids....but dunno wat happen this round
maybe the baby no likey her :P

yesterday we did steamboat @ Chan Lu's crib...
anyone took picture?


licheng said...

miss so many gathering, hopefully next time!

CHER-RY said...

Kindy Chai: We'll wait for ur next trip home :))))