Thursday, February 10, 2011

Brasserie Lutetia, Paris

French snails cooked in yummylicious butter sauce and herbs
the snails were thinly sliced so it absorbed all the yummy sauce
this one was very very very good....can be made into an open sandwich
oh wait...I think I did just tat :P
Hotel Lutetia celebrated 100 years old of excellency
one of the best hotel at Rive Gauche *left bank*

all its rooms were decorated by notable Paris born Russian Jew designer Sonia Rykiel
*how complicated is tat?*
that reminded me.....where are the pics of our beautiful room that overlook the Eiffel Tower????
Mr. JS??????
steamed french mussels wif white wines, herbs and a dash of fresh cream
french mussels are tiny, such babies and its meat was so delicate!!!!!

so u must be thinking....all the cream....very very scary right?
but trust me....fresh French cream...u can't get anywhere else...
it has this slight sweetness from the glucose of the cow's milk
can't describe its note...u must taste it urself :P
Langoustine!!!!!! we lurve our seafood platter...
and must have at least sea urchin....different varieties and grades of oysters
also arrays of shellfish :))))))))))))

seafood platters are served on a bed of ice
with lemon wedges, shallot vinegar sauce, some bread and butter
usually we order according to our liking instead of taking the set
most tables were busy gorging down ONE BIG PLATTER of seafood for 2 person
which we think can feed 10 ppl!!!! :P
*pronounced as Beh-Luon*

it has an AOC grading system!!!!
oysters harvested fr BELON river can only be called BELON
anyway it is fr the flat shell oyster family
with such unique dry and metallic taste

best oysters in the entire universe!!!!!
yes I've declared that 10 years ago when I had my seafood platter at the Mediterranean :P
Pan seared creamy scallop on a bed of winter mushrooms
Dinos the Great's dinner lil for him :P

we dun eat frozen scallops these days....well where to get fresh ones?
that's like really really really fresh???? those that were still alive when u yank its meat outta its shell?
Sorry I'm a chinese...I lurve my food fresh fr its tank :P
Saint Veeny had this sardines and lemon in its oil
they served it this way....with some bread and herbs butter

I was soooo surprised that it was soooooo gooooodddd!!!'s only sardines!!!!!!
so folks..lemons and sardines go very well :))))
baked fresh turbot fish for Mr. JS
the waiter wanted to dissect everything for it's easier to consume
and we being CHINESE....must have head and tail :P

well all waiters were astonished everytime they served fish to us
bcoz it is a norm to present the whole fish/chicken/watever before bringing it away to be prepared into consumption portion

hmmmm guess they didn't know the best-est part are the FINS and TAIL and HEAD!!!!
Turbot fish is very very prized bcoz of its delicate meat
they are caught in France, Norway, Spain.......
poached pear on almond tart
served with dried pomegranates on top
the name of this chocolate dessert .......Sonia Rykiel
so we got to try it

her signature was on the chocolate strips written in GOLD

excellent texture with ganache inside....
served with vanilla ice cream full of vanilla beans innit
me no likey this was not my dessert
the best dessert in France :)))))))))))
Creme Brulee~~~~~~~~
made from such fresh milk and cream and EGGS
the top were burnt caramel.....
the custard was so so so creamy...
u can still see all the vanilla specs sitting at the bottom
so the next time u consume creme brulee...and its custard were hard like rock..
pls throw the whole plate unto the chef's face ok?????

well who would have though a Brasserie in a hotel can serve such top notch food *a brasserie is equivalent to Malaysia's kopitiam*

oh by the way, there is a One Michelin Star Restaurant in Lutetia Hotel
but we didn't try....maybe next time

now busy planning for our next trip :))))))
yipeeeeeeeee peeeeeee peeeeeeeee....

Mr. JS, the tickets book already????
I'll do the, restaurants, itinerary......:)))))
u wanna do another Disneyland? hhehehehehehe
ppl said it's the best Disneyland in the world....pls do consider ok?

Brasserie Lutetia
Hotel Lutetia
45, Boulevard Raspail,
75006 Paris.
Tel: +33 (0) 1 49 54 46 46


licheng said...

yummmmmmmy seafood!

are you going to disney sea in tokyo?

CHER-RY said...

Kindy Chai: hehehehe...planning to...but he is not too keen :P