Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Louvre Museum, Paris

the Louvre pyramid entrance is an architecture that defy all Parisians....
bcoz of its shape and values....
right smack in the middle of the Renaissance style fortress

first constructed by King Philippe-Auguste in 1190
and got elaborated by the next few kings and empire over the 4 centuries
this pyramid was designed by I M Pei
the Master of Modern Architecture
my other fav design of his is Bank of China @ Hong Kong

the musem opens at 10am
we got our tickets online and dunnit to queue up...just crash through the security scan and go in
well we alwiz have to do extra scanning bcoz of our GIGANTIC camerasssSSsssss
without the cameras...this blog will not be as fun...agree
the lamp post outside were so beautiful
one of the icons of Paris - lamp post :P

JS, Saint Veeny & Dinos the Great
all dressed for the winter chill

all museums have got cloak room
so u dun have to lug ur umbrellas/winter wear/peripherals around
in the distance is the Winged Victory of Samothrace

Louvre museum is super HUGE
so to finish it in a day and not missing any important pieces
u got to plan ur routes(s)sssSSsssss
and so we did.....with Monkey as the GPS
hey mate....does ur phone have service in here???
I think mine is quite good.....yours?
the famous very very famous sculpture
and my powderful memory kinda forgotten its name and artist
JS cropped the pic to this beautiful shot
it's a postcard pic everywhere in Paris :)
so many marbles greek sculptures

u must not miss Aphrodite the Venus of Milo
the Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty
it was found in the Aegean Sea at Milo Island
and looted by Napoleon Bonaparte during his conquer-ship of the Romans

Berr wat u doin there?
u r supposed to stay inside the bag!!!
he is smiling wide :D

coz we were viewing the most prized collection of Louvre
Mona Lisa aka La Gioconda by Leonardo Da Vinci
this was the nearest we could get to the painting :)))))
before the alarm shoots off

Mona Lisa has the most visitors and her very own wall
for such a small piece of painting
having survived for more than 500 years of theft *it was stolen a couple of times*
and vandalism and attacks 
yeah there are stupid ppl who attacked this painting with stones, mugs, acid
hence the bullet proof glass that protecting it now
The Wedding Feast at Cana by Paolo Veronese
this is a very important painting and u must not miss it
bcoz it is fr the christian new testament
more spectacular paintings
and Monkey looked so tiny...like a hamster :P
to view all paintings in the museum, the key is 15 seconds per painting
read the description - artist, year, works, origin, description
and then enjoy the art
well the important ones...I think we spent more than 15 minutes :P
the crowning of Napoleon 1
hmmmm who was this again?????
how come they go to war naked? 
many students and artists were busy working their stuffs at the museums
this HUGE as a wall silk carpet was a gift to France by some Asian countries
Berr was highly regarded in the french community...bcoz elephants are strong and clever animal
*remember....memory of an elephant???*
gloomy weather outside....
so it was indeed a good day we planned it indoor :))))
 this weird stone is the famous "Code of Hammurabi"
Babylonian code of law dated back to 1700 BCE
the inscription was done in Akkadian Language on this huge 7.4 feet black stone
arghhhh pls dun bite me...
according to the Hammurabi codes...if u bite me i shall bite u 12 times harder :P
but my teeth are so small :P

Rhino replied: "dun purposely put ur monkey head here or I shall put my huge can die stone head inside ur mouth"
beautiful chinas - gifts from the Emperor of China to France
one of Napoleon's dining hall
there was a section of his apartment for viewing
nice :))))
Saint Veeny & Monkey taking a break
viewing some of the works from 18th and 19th centuries
another interpretation of The Last Supper
Adam & Eve :))))))
 according to the guide, this is a very important piece
Gabrielle d'Estrees and Her Sister
she was the mistress to King Henry IV of France
the beautiful St Mary Magdalene
the most important woman in Jesus's life
we left the museum late afternoon
and before that, must snap pic with this inverted pyramid

visit their website for more details:


neil said...

More pics please! =)

neil said...

More pics please! =)

js said...

In the Mona Lisa painting what do you see painted behind Mona Lisa?? :))

CHER-RY said...

Nee Lee: too many pics...when u r at my house next time, will show u on the computer.

JS: behind her was an imaginary view created by LDV. according to research done recently and announced last mth, Mona Lisa = Man :P

js said...

Hmmmmm.......in most of LDV's works ESP painting, he always include scenes of calamities n in this case it was flood n earthquake!!!

Unknown said...

So now they're allowing people to take pictures of the Mona Lisa? Last time I was there was 2007 and they had security yelling at every person who dare take a picture of it :rolling eyes:

CHER-RY said...

Seoulja: Hello there!!! hmmmm how come...I wondered why....