Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Auntie Lee Baba Nyonya Restaurant, Malacca

Monkey's favourite Lime Juice
Auntie Lee uses Kasturi Lime and blended everything including its pulps and skins
hence the intensity of this drink

too thirsty!!! I needed 2 glasses...hahahahah
yea we drove to Malacca for 2 days trip and headed straight to this restaurant

with its limitation of only 6 tables...pls pls pls do make ur reservation in advance
however if u come in small group of 2 or 4 person, there are a few more smaller tables and stool seating on the next lot of her restaurant.
fried jenak fish topped with fragrant fried garam chili on top
very spicy but very very good

the fish was so fresh with its flaky white juicy flesh
while its skin and edges were so crispy!!!!! *J'ADORE!!!!!*
another all time favourite of Monkey's
Cincaluk omelette!!!!!
super YUM!!!!
it's spicy too with traces of chili surprises innit
Kerabu timun and nenas
spicy salad of cucumber and pineapple
very refreshing despite its chili content
and it was served chilled!!!!!
pucuk ubi!!!!
potato leaves in spicy belacan sauce

hmmmm already sweating reading this post???
wait till u see this
freshly pounded chili and belacan and lime!!!!!!
wished I could take this home....hehehehehehe
Auntie Lee was so shocked to see both of us finished everything
coz she was trying to suppressed our order :P

Auntie: "very big portion.....later u kenot finish!!!"
Monkey: "can can can...just bring it on...JS u want sambal squid?"

Auntie's mouth wide open
"Enuff already.....just the two of u only!!!!"

Monkey & JS -_-"
from the pic above..u can see we polished everything off
next came the to die for Malacca Cendol
they made the green thing themselves here

with really really fresh coconut milk

there some red beans at the bottom but not too much to "cloud" the original taste of cendol
and certainly they used pure authentic Gula Melaka!!!!!!
it was this Gula Melaka palm syrup that give this cendol THAT distinctive yummyness
ooooooOOooooooo my absolute favourite dessert!!!!!
*lick lick lick*

JS piak-ed Monkey...
"wait!!! I need to take pic 1st"

QUICK!!!! it's melting!!! FASTER!!!
and we continued our makan journey in this historical town

Auntie Lee Baba Nyonya Restaurant
385 Jalan Ujong Pasir,
75050 Malacca.
Tel: +606 283 1009


Tsu Lin + + said...

Wow.. seriously a lot of dishes for the 2 of you wei!
I think you should change your nick to COW - bcos I'm convinced you have 4 stomachs!

CHER-RY said...

TL: hmmm I think "cow" langsung dun match me leh...wait lemme go to Switzerland n get some spots first :D