Wednesday, February 16, 2011

L'Arpege by Alain Passard *3 Michelin Stars*

fresh pumpkins from the garden
as in Alain Passard's garden

Chef Alain Passard owns and runs L'Arpege a very popular restaurant in the world
listed as Top 50 best restaurants in the world
it is the top ten in France maintaining its 3 Michelin Stars status since 1996

his garden is 230km away fr Paris
everything grown organically without the use of machines
only by hands and horses to plough the land

actually the pumpkins were not huge...just cute mini ones
Mr. JS busy examining the wine list

Chef Alain Passard completely removed Red Meat fr his menu in 2001
even it means shelving off all his signature dishes
it was a big sacrifice but he never looked back
canapes of crunchy fresh vegetables on top of crispy crunchy vegetable
yep everything fr his garden :)))
Brittany Butter
very creamy butter...think we had 2nd helping :P
amuse bouche of eggs with spices, maple syrup, creme fraiche and cheese
u need to dig all the way down to enjoy all the flavours
so so so PRETTY!!!!!
scallops carpaccio with freshly shaved horseradish, crispy radish and matche tea powder
the taste was amazing....and the vegetables were so BABY and sweet and crunchy
the scallops were so creamy and melted in our mouth
one of my fav of the nite
Vegetables ravioli with apple and celery consomme
never knew vegetables ravioli can be more DELICIOUS than meat ravioli
dun know wat he used to bind all the ingredients together.
JS had grilled turbot fish with garden leeks, smoked french potatoes and brussel sprouts
they came out with the whole fish as in the whole TURBOT fish
it was a huge one.....
and Maitre'D dissected the fish meticulously
so diner will get the belly, the prized fins and meat
baby leeks were so good...wished there's more :P
u won't believe it!!!!
Monkey had CHICKEN in a 3 Michelin Star restaurant :P

as claimed by the Maitre D

and it came out with the cast iron black le creuset oval pot, a beautifully roasted chicken in the middle....presented on top of some fresh hay

"bonsoir Madame, this is your poulet......may I?"

Monkey almost fainted and asked JS "Do I need to finish the WHOLE CHICKEN????"
they dissected it precisely just like surgeons
presented WINGS, upper thigh, drumstick and breast....all boneless cept the wings
with roasted variety of beetroots and endives

GAWD the tasted so damn good
the meat was moist and smooth.....just like chinese salt baked chicken
and yet its skin was so so so CRISPY!!!!!
later on.....Monkey asked JS if she could finish the remainder chicken inside the Le Creuset pot :P
he he he he he....I wanted to.....but then need to leave room for their amazing desserts
yes yes yes I want the BEST CHICKEN IN THE WORLD
the experience was sooooo good
JS the non poultry eater had some and confirmed this with a strong affirmative :P
Chef Alain Passard lurves to paint and decorated the wall of his restaurant with his artworks
he also plays the saxophone

and guess what!!! he came out to say hi to us :D
we were so pai seh to have his photo....he must be wondering which jungle we were from :P

"Vere r u fhrom? oooooOOooooo's a Peu-tee-fool place.....I was in urh....urh...ces't Tioman...u know .....tioman???"

hmm not least ppl recognise our country :P
nope these are not dessert but Petit Four!!!!!
Monkey danced in a crazy trance
there's vegetables flavoured Macaroons - beetroot, carrots, celery
and then there's horseradish chocolates
hazel and whisky chocolates
sesame and mushroom gelee
look at that bite sized APPLE TART!!!!!
they shaved the apple and wrapped it like a rose...put it on top of a thin layer of pastry
baked it to such crispiness and dusted it with some icing sugar
so refined!!!!
I felt so guilty and sorry that I finished it :P
and now our 1st dessert.....mille feuille wif hazelnut cream
originating fr France it means a thousand leaf
look how thin it was and when we cut it....IT DIDN'T CRUMBLE?!?!!??!
how did he do it?????????
we were able to enjoy it without any crumbs on the plates/tables/clothes/chin/wherever watever....:P
the amount of hazelnut cream was just sufficient enuff
OUTSTANDING mille feuille
Honey souffle with chocolates in the middle
very very good...and super yummy
by this time....we almost had to roll ourselves outta the restaurant
this restaurant was sooo sooo soo good we decided to return the following week
but it was fully booked :(((
anyway Monkey booked this restaurant 2 months in advance

such outstanding gastronomic experience deserves a standing ovation!!!!
highly recommended *die die must go* for Alain Passard is such a Purist

Visit his website *it is in French though* at


js said...

This is indeed food at it's finest.......incredible.the whole supply chain........from farm/veg plot to mouth!!!

CHER-RY said...

JS: we must visit this place again :)))))) MUST MUST MUST!!!!