Monday, February 21, 2011

Mun Choong Seafood Restaurant, Ipoh

Mun Choong as it famously known is actually called Pusing Restaurant
coz it was originated from Pusing Town in Perak?????
however locals referred it as Mun Choong

all the time they will present the fresh produce for Monkey to choose
and usually they were still alive!!!!
so for Chinese New Year we had a lobster for shabu/steamboat
Chinese New Year must have prawn crackers
but I dunno why
do u? :)))))))))))))))
we had sweet abalone and salmon belly for lou sang
:))) excellent combo
Nick, Anne, Mommy, Prince C, I Ching
the family members :)))))))))
Lou ar!!!!!!!
HUAT AR!!!!!!
my only wish this CNY was GOOD HEALTH!!!!!!!
for everyone!!!!!!
that's the greatest wealth u can acquire :))
and remember u are wat u eat!!!!
the results from our toss....not too in not messy
our dearie losbter
he was still moving his tentacles as we eat
very cruel....should have 'killed" him properly
sorry Mr. Sebastian the lobster....
u were sacrificed for our feast...
but u made a great feast for us
Thank you Amen and may u rest in peace
bacon strips for our shabu/steamboat

Venison :))))
Monkey ate this way....
so I can digest my food better....
hiak hiak hiak
the soup was at its best at the end of the meal
coz we dump the whole lobster shell innit :P
this one was upon request....
a house specialty toufu with pork
everyone only get a piece each
ain't enuff for Mr. JS
2x the size of my FIST
do u know that the size of our stomach = size of fist
"green dragon" leaf vege
u dun get this all the time
dunno wat do u call it in english :P
digging for yummy stuffs inside the prawn head
more hidden yummy goodness
and MORE!!!!
wahhhh really heart-choking man.....
remember my wishes for the year.....GREAT HEALTH!!!!
but I oso want great food wor :P

the remainder of the lobster head were used to braise this noodle
it's called longevity noodles

excellent dinner again
Ipoh never fails us *culinary*

Mun Chong Seafood Restaurant or
Pusing Public Seafood Restaurant
57-65 Jalan Verasamy,
Ipoh, Perak.
Tel: +605 241 9348

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