Sunday, February 27, 2011

ICON Magazine CNY Dinner

Monkey wif Sweet Devil Rachel & Sexay Back
*oh yea...that was the Lanvin for H&M dress :D*

ICON the malaysia chinese high society magazine threw an amazing CNY dinner last week
Westin Hotel had been their favourite venue for the past year :)
theme was Elegant Chinoiserie

once Miss Monkey made her red carpet grand entrance to the venue
as usual, find your usual suspects and gosssssss............:P
we were then ushered into the dining hall with DRAGON dance
2 dragons indeed.....

Sexay Back: "Eh got one jantan one betina"
"I dunno .....dun ask me bout chinese culture and customs"

Sexay Back: "Wat is the other dragon doin squatting and shaking?"

"They are cutting oranges and the dragon is hiding its crew"

Sexay Back: "Ooooooo I tot she tengah lay eggs"
for the FIRST TIME, the seating format was free seating
the ladies dashed in and grab the first table.....

Chris da Boss asked....can I sit wif u?
errrrr before I can answer.....came Ram Rock....Can I sit wif u?
well if u gentleman dun mind us wild ladies...and all the "lay eggs" stories :P
I think they regretted it later...:P
first thing that caught Monkey's eyes!!!!!
TING TING THONG!!!!!!!! my childhood favourite!!!!!

and throughout the whole nite...I was harassing this guy...poor guy
coz he is not chopping and chipping the candy fast enuff for our consumption :P
yea we have very sweet tooth....well just this round :)))))

the whole ballroom was set with different kiosk
ranging from fortune telling to customised skin care consultation
caligraphy, FOOD and more activities
and well the DRAGONS continued to perform and lay eggs :P
*hmmm according to Sexay Back*
wat is CNY dinner without Lou Hei???
more $$$$$$$
more BONUS
career advancement
beauty and health
youth and longevity
and out of the corner came a loud scream fr a certain sexay someone I WANNA GET MARRIED THIS YEAR

*slaps forehead*
Cat, Auntie Shirley and Monkey
everyone dressed at their very best including host Auntie Shirley :))))
thank u for having us!!!!!!!

u can see the background was hustling bustling with so many activities
we were walking all over the ballroom the whole nite
chinese paper cutting!!!!!
I dunno wat words were these...but so nice to be merchandise on the table
well u just tell him wat u want and he will cut it for you
from meaningful words to motifs
I bought a few back for my team
as we were busy with all the activities, we were oso bz munching on these
there was a station of a chef making these on the spot
dunno wat u call......golden beard candy?????
it has got peanuts inside

he'll pull the sweet dough till it became fine strands like angel's hair!!!!!!
well so different to eat em fresh...coz those u get commercially not tat nice
and again....he ain't pulling fast enuff for our consumption
faster...sumore...We want!!!!!
my favourite ICON lady - Chinadoll Qian Yu!!!
wishing you another successful year and thank u for your support!!!!!
Later then was a Mask Changing performance
she was FAST....but those who have seen the original performance in China said she's not tat fast
huh???? I can't even see how she changed her MASK!!!!!
yeah she just turned her head and it changed.....
moved her palms over her face and it changed again.....

but this performer was a beautiful lady...coz at the end...everyone said she dun have to wear a mask at all
Qian Yu & Cat
Cat was recently in China for the launch of Omega Ladymatic by Nicole Kidman
and she said the mask performer is NOT FAST!!!
hey woman then wat is fast lar????
I dun like him!!!!!

Monkey asked for monkey and he said he can't make it
then tiger??? also kenot
erm....wat about Dragon??? pun kenot!!!!
aiya u go and tutup kedai!!!!!

then I asked for a Rat for JS and he gave me a rooster!!!!
Cat asked for a horse and he made her a Donkey
but he made beautiful birds
Donkey, Rooster, Bird
eh where's the rabbit and dog????
kena telan by somebody ady.....

Great job to ICON team for making this another smashing CNY dinner!!!!
we lurve the "tikam" game idea :))) heheheheh
everyone was spotting the Anya Hindmarch and Long Champs bags
also the Bvlgari clutch...but all ended up kena TIKAM-ed by men
the ladies only brought back skincare, fragrances, cosmetics
only Cat won a timepiece

"u go and ask that Anya Hindmarch Man winner whether he wanna exchange with u or not!!!"

Thank you to ICON for having us at this partay!!!
now back to another year of hardwork :))))
bring it on ICON!!!!

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Tsu Lin + + said...

So damn cool this party!!!!! I love chinese culture.. it is one of the longest & most interesting culture int he world so please go and read up on it, if not just go back & ask the walking encyclopedia.

The 3-D chinese paper cutting is the word for Spring ("Chun"), I love love love them! Esp the one shaped liked a mandarin orange in the word "chun".

The candy is usually called Dragon Beard Candy lah *slaps forehead*.

CHER-RY said...

TL: wah u can read CHINESE!!!!! *clap clap clap*