Wednesday, February 09, 2011

I want this breakfast again!!!!!

I would kill for this again~~~~~~
I want~~~~~~~~

dun understand why french eggs are so good and yummy yummy
the yolk was so creamy and HUMONGOUS
just some dash of freshly ground pepper and salt

my favourite was to dump bits of crispy bacon innit :)))))))))))
aaaAAAAaaaaaa I WANT!!!!!!!
one more????
yes yes yes sil vous plait!!!!!!

they have different style of eggs as well
from poached to scrambled bla bla bla.....
but fresh eggs like this must be eaten this WAY and only this WAY!!!!!
no breakfast in France is complete without a hot fr the oven croissant
we had our breakfast in the hotel most of the mornings....

I'm not a MILK person...but gawd...their selections really can die dot com
from organic to cow to goat they even have ALMOND MILK
and the above variety comes with semi fat, low fat, non fat,
pasteurised and non
and of coz different types of SOY MILK
in total they were 16 types of milk
and 10 types of fresh juices
different types of greasy full of fat food!!!!
not to mention they were yummy
I can't believe it they served crispy sweet grilled chicken wings in the morning!!!!

JS said it was "durian runtuh" for me :D
and as for him, he was too bz concentrating on all the pork sausages
its casing was the traditional type which "snaps" at each bite....
he paired it with clever!!!!

they also have a huge variety of cold cuts
and CHEESES!!!!!
and a variety of citrus fruits since it was winter
can't remember how many types of fruits were served...

but the happiest moment was CREME CARAMEL for breakfast
sorry no pic...coz too busy gorging on food
and also MACAROONS for breakfast :D
CANELE!!!!! PIES!!!!! TARTS!!!!! chocolate truffles!!!!
errrr isn't these for dinner????

French do have a sweet tooth huh?
oh yea I didn't manage to try all the pastries...
of all sort of shapes, with different toppings and nuts
and yes...they have FRUIT CAKE for breakfast too :D

okie...let's not touch the coffee & tea list......too long......
but it's damn good for a hotel breakfast...hehehehe
totally worth gorging here every morning

now who's HUNGRY???


neil said...

Me. :-L
So hungry now...

CHER-RY said...

hahahah me too!!!!! :P
can ur office cook an egg? :D:D:D