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L'atelier de Joel Robuchon * 2 Michelin Stars *

L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon is well known by all food connoisseurs around the world
Someone told us that this place dun receive reservation
*and it later proved wrong*
so we went there with a risk

so being Kiasu Msian we went early
and GUESS wat???
the receptionist actually asked...do u have a reservation????
*slaps forehead*
who told me this no reservation thingy I will strangle him after our trip!!!!

and thank gawd we have a very nice seat at a cozy corner
the concept at L'atelier is everyone sits around the open kitchen on the bar
with only 40 seats

 yep we got a nice corner to watch all the actions in the kitchen
 my favourite sous chef of the nite :)
they worked with such precision, speed, cleanliness and most of all GRACE
how do u cook with such grace just like a dancing swan????

"eh JS, can u learn to cook like them ar? instead of throwing eggs and pots and pans in your kitchen"
JS -_- hmphhhh!!!!
beautiful legs of ham were displayed right at the top of the counter
bread on an ALESSI basket!!!!
I lurve this design HEAPSSSSS
now they comes in limited colors each season
we have a female asian sommelier
how exotic in Paris :)
she said she lurved this bottle too
"Excellent choice Monsieur!!!"
celeriac puree with really really good olive oil and spices on top
with chunks of celeriac
celeriac was in season during winter
IBERICO HAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
they only served this much
JS wished it was more :P

oh yea the concept of this place is like tapas with small bites
hence the bar + open kitchen concept
the Iberico ham was served with sweet tomatoes on crispy toast
this one was so yummy and pretty!!!!!
creamy fresh scallop carpaccio topped with dressing and sea urchin!!!
and they even took efforts to place all the tinny weeny leaves/herbs on top
actually this dish was really small and miniature
and yet the chefs were so anal about it!!!!
the key of this dish is the French Potato at the bottom
topped with smoked fish, creme fraiche + paprika and a dollop of caviar
I've never eaten tapas this detailed and beautiful :P
nope it is not ice cream
but RAVIOLI of langoustine in truffle butter sauce
how come their ravioli is so perfect? shouldn't it be odd shaped?

I think Chef Robuchon is a perfectionist
and indeed HE IS after reading his profile
Foie Gras on big juicy white beans
they laid the single piece of Aragula/Rocket on top with potato crisp
it looked like an undersea world creation
this is no TAPAS man!!!!

and I felt so unprepared for such a great dinner
most of all we didn't know it has got 2 Michelin Stars until later on
gosh...........pls dun let the Chef knows
cocktail??? NOPE!!!
this one was full of surprises
foam = mushroom juice
there was a yummy POACHED egg inside
topped with even yummier pan fried mushrooms
the taste was so well balanced
from texture to layers and presentation

even all the tiny deco and spices on top were meant to accentuate the taste
not just for aesthetic purpose only
L'atelier de Joel Robuchon also serves ala carte
for those wanting more
so JS ordered grilled beef with french potatoes
the famous Laguiole Knife designed by Thiery was stucked/stabbed unto the slab of meat
I don't know how they did this piece of meat
the outer part was so caramelised with such crunch on its fats
while juicy and PINK on the inside
must be really strong fire? but can't be...strong fire tend to stress the meat and make it hard???
a piece of red mullet fish with tomatoes and capers and olives~~~~
topped with a single piece of crispy sour dough
and all the beautiful peripherals that add crunch, taste and presentation to tis dish

noticed how they cut the tomatoes into tiny triangles
removed its seeds and topped with miniature capers?
OMG......this was a killer!!!!!
its meat was so moist and juicy and sweet and tender
with an excellent melt in the mouth mash

if u notice, there was charred grill marks on the mash on the other side
wahhh I dun wanna work in this kitchen man
everything has to be so beautifully presented
and most of all TASTE DAMN GOOD

well being Monkey :P
I didn't care...just use my hands, picked it up and ENJOY!!!!
finger lickin good till its bone
this was made out of the menu coz we wanted some "greens"
here was HEARTS of Romaine Lettuce
it was "opened" leaves by leaves *coz we saw them preparing*
as in opened but still on its stalk, 2 stalks here

so when the dressing was added in....every single leaves absorbs the juices and dressing
to add visual to this simple tapas salad....Chef added aragula and red leaves
the face shows it all.....
sedap and I want sumore!!!!!
looking back to the open kitchen
there were roughly more than 15 sous chefs preparing for the 40 odd customers
and prollie another 10 waiting staffs inside the counter
and another 8 more on the outside
coffee spells the end of a dinner
but not Monkey :D heeeeeeeee
this was my simple tapas style dessert
compote of passion fruits with rum granita and topped with banana puree
then dusted with lime zest
oh YUM!!!!!!!!
a seriously very anal APPLE TART
they wrapped the whole tart with pieces of sliced apple
presented it in this rounded football shape
served with homemade caramel ice cream
double YUM!!!!!

and YES u can make reservation apparently

Chef Joel Robuchon is the only Chef in the world with the MOST Michelin Stars
He was also awarded CHEF OF THE CENTURY
with restaurants from New York to Paris to Tokyo to Hong Kong
*hmmm how come so fashion capitals???*

Hong Kong - 2 Michelin Stars
Macao - 3 Michelin Stars *The only 3 starred restaurant in Macao*
Tokyo - 3 different restaurants with a total of 7 stars
Paris - 2 stars
New York - 1 Star
Las Vegas - 2 restaurants, total of 4 stars
London - 2 stars
Monaco - 2 restaurants, total of 3 stars

Actually in GRAND GRAND TOTAL he has amassed a total of 26 stars around the world
I must be missing some restaurants on the above list

well do visit his website for more details
L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon
5 Rue de Montalembert,
75007 Paris.
Tel: +33 01 4222 5656

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