Friday, February 11, 2011

Aeron Chairs, Herman Miller

American Idol fever is here again.....not that we are fans...
just so happen to browse channel and something caught my eyes
isn't those Herman Miller chairs that JLO, Steve & Randy were sitting on????
*the very same chairs go on tour with them from San Diego to New York*

from the Aeron collection, designed by Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf
it is a revolution for office chairs

& JS got 2 at our study.
I m currently sitting on size S and his size M
but actually size M kinda comfy...shows I have got BIG BUMS
sometimes I'll just steal his Herman Miller to use...esp when he's not at home
and never put it back at his work station....and pretended nothing happened until....
"hey....this isn't my Herman Miller????? Gimme back"

but it didn't stop got worse..
now Monkey is sitting on his work desk..on his Herman Miller.....using his station...and iMac
while Mr. JS got relegated to Monkey's Macbook Pro and my size S Herman Miller
heeeeeeeeeeeeee :)))))))))))))
the design is truly clever and ergonomics
with no padding at all
it has got to be the most comfortable office chairs EVER!!!!!!

it can bend, adjustable without efforts, fits ur body like a gloves
coz according to its designers....human body is not a straight lines
so truly....u can't find a single straight line on this chair

with years of R&D on pressure mapping, aeration of air and moisture
movements, dimensions and best of all
hiak hiak hiak

and it is environmental friendly....used the least resources to manufacture and design
94% recyclable
as they said it...even though it is BLACK but it is GREEN!!!!
Herman Miller is distributed by Xtra Furniture in Malaysia
go get yours now :)))))) before another price increase :D


rokh said...

hi may I know where you get this chair in Malaysia and how much was it? Thanks!

Helsiki said...

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