Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Crazy bout bargains

No, it's not another TOD'S bag.
there were so many of them lining up screaming at me
from Takashimaya to Paragon to Changi.

and when I've finally settled on my choice
after choosing like forever fr different materials to colors to designs
to boutiques
*I went to 3 different ones*

JS decided he's very generous on that day,
and bought a walking shoe for monkey.
in return I have to pay him back SGD 1
What was that about???
*currencies apply in this case*

BF kenot buy GF shoes
and vice versa...
-_- me no understand

anyway it was the freaking GREAT SINGAPORE SALES
and the above TOD'S was only FREAKING SGD 350!!!!!!!!!!!!

So when I touched down in KL,
Kiasu Monkey went straight to KLCC to confirm the price in Msia....
IT WAS RM 1,500



I'm goin down again this week...
but the sales has already ended.
Ferragamo Varina
Baby Wei has tumpang-ed me to get these for her..
u sure u want the BLACK one???

I think the satin pink is so sweet and ballerina-like
but the coral red is really nice.
it also comes in yellow, blue, green, brown, lilac, cream....
basically all the colors.

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