Tuesday, July 15, 2008

BMW Golf Cup @ Staffield, NS

When we arrived,
it was still dark......
*yep we pushed off at 5.30am*
***and yours truly was driving***
it's 7.10 and we can see rays of light
Monkey, Baby Wei, Mommy Jacky
this is wat I call, super-can-die-just-woke-up-face
really can die
Staffield was the 3rd leg,
3 down....4 more to go!!!!
Prince C, JS, Rocky Rock, Alex ah Beng
Ah Beng's theme this round = yellow + green
Mr. Panther in Ah Beng's golf set
Mr. Lionel and Mr. Tiger *at the back*
Baby Wei has developed a new habit in her photog skills....
fluffy soft driver head cover~~~~
but Mr. Lionel looked like a mop to me...
langsung tak FLUFF!!!
another fluffy squirrel on the wild!!
this one is REAL and confirmed FLUFFY
poser poser poser
we also pose lar!!
very shady course with big matured trees
hole-in-one price.....BMW 1 series
hmmmm, none of us were interested.
deep in discussion.....how to score hole-in-one
Ah Beng loudly to us: "I will dedicate this hole and prize to all of u and we shall go to DUBAI ya!!!!"
Monkey: "................................................."

after he teed off,
everyone -_-"
the ball went soooooooo to the right.
so bored,
me being silly and strapped meself onto the buggy.
we got some rookie BMW chicks to work for the brand too.

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