Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Dinner at Hadjimiltis Garden

almost everynite, we congregated at the garden for a big greek dinner!!!
weather was so lovely...cold but not too cold.
JS made risotto that nite....
we chomped everything down and this was taken from Dinos's plate.
*his 2nd helping*
pickled capers leaves...
very nice...
I lurve pickles, went so well with meat.
salad with toasted nuts....a must have for almost every meal.

Veeny showed this city slicker monkey
fresh from the market, still wrapped in soil
Aragula/rockets with its roots intact.

City slicker: "Rockets have roots like this???"
Veeny: "Yes they do."

City Slicker: "those in our supermarket = leaves only"
Veeny: "I am sure they've cleaned it."

Gawd!!! >_< I'm gonna turn into one of those kid...
when asked how does a chicken look like..
and they draw a KFC drumstick...

this lebanese cucumber was so yummy.
with a special sauce by Veeny.
Can we have the recipe pls????
and her famous crispy can die slow roast potatoes.
we had a roast meat
erm, readers I forgot was it lamb or beef or pork....
oooo I lurve the burnt edges....
my favourite~~~~~
Dinos with his satisfied face
yes good dinner thanks to Dinos for doin marketing
for selecting the best produce in the market
and for shouting "I am Dinos, gimme the best."

Folks, whenever u are in Cyprus
and u wanna get good quality produce..
just yelped "Dinos sent me here"

Rest be assured, u'll get the best...
Nandia and Marios brought these Greek dessert.
It was sooooo good that I was dying for more.
What is it called again?
layers of light soft cheese with crispy filo pastry in honey and lotsa nuts

I can see that my thigh is growing
with the amount of cheese I consumed in Cyprus.Brandy wanna be in the pic too!!!!

I missed your cooking :))
lucky I have JS in Msia..................heeeeeeeeeee

Dinos and myself decided to open a restaurant,
location to be confirmed..
the name - The Lims

Veeny & JS do all the cooking,
Dinos & Monkey will be the hostess.
Marios & Nandia = cigars
George = Wines

Athina = our supplier for all linen products
Artemis the lawyer = our lawyer
Costas the mathematician = our accountant
Masalina the maid = clean everything
Brandy the lovely dog = whack the leftover

hiak hiak hiak.

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