Monday, July 14, 2008

Style anniversary party

Happy birthday to Style mag!!!
celebration went off with......traffic jam in KL as usual.
of diamonds and denims,
of celebs and celebs wannabe,
drinks and more drinks,
at Zouk KL.
Baby Wei, Monkey, Beautiful CS, Innocent Rachel, Sweet Evil Rachel, So Hilt Sharon
none of u turned up in denim nor diamonds....
cept this Monkey who played by the dress code.
*slaps forehead*
Macho Mani & Sweet Evil Rachel
hey babe, lurve your new hair....
keep it that way ya,
so sexylicious.
Beautiful CS and her partner in crime - JH
it's a tradition that the ladies will line up to have a pic with JH
I didn't post them up, too many...
my camera sakit!!
Baby Wei had a 2nd round after this party....
this gal can really partay!
yes party while u are still at it. :))))
WeeShen who came with bubbly hubby...
hmmm, forgot to take pic of u both.
so Hilt Sharon who came in a stunning dress,
really dressed to kill.
later we went to Jln Alor for supper..........
yes after a glamourous an unglamourous place...
in our glamorous dresses.

Beautiful CS to JH: "Hey u looked like a pimp."
JH: "Excuse me???"

hiak hiak hiak.
yes with 3 chicks walking behind him at Jalan Alor.
beef noodle....with all the spare parts.
Monkey only ate the beefballs.
no spare parts for me.

Guess I was stoned (???) and ordered everything on my bowl.
our happy faces after a satisfying meal. :))
baby Moet was our door gift of the nite...

Yes Baby Wei,
I know u saw all the wine corks I have,
No, I'm not gonna cut them as place cards.
They are too precious fr special chateaus
with limited numbers.

So Hilt Sharon,
we are waiting for your invites to your party next month.


Anonymous said...

we should really open up a deco companies just for events.. lols..

Anonymous said...

oopss.. spelling error.. it's company*

CHER-RY said...

Baby Wei: Wanna challenge your aunty meh?