Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Kome Japanese Restaurant, Keppel Club

Chef Lawrence left Santaro Jap Restaurant,
*good for him and kesian Mr. Li!!!*
and opened Kome on his own
at beautiful Keppel Golf Club.

I've been missing jap dining in Spore
and thought this is a MUST GO.
my favourite egg toufu with century egg creme
who would have thought of this??
mash the black yolk and throw in the jellyish part of the century egg?
Chef Lawrence will be so disappointed if we ever dress the meat
with more sauce + wasabi

every single piece of meat were carefully crafted
and dressed in such a perfect way....
u DUN even need to add anything at all,
just bite on it!! YEA.
crab meat!!!
we've never ordered fr the menu,
I don't even know wat's on its menu,
we've been pampered too much..

arrived...put my big bum there,
picked my chopstick and Chef Lawrence with his amazing team
started creating wonders with the fresh produce.
yes, if u are asking,
the flowers were edible.

do u know how much it takes to cut the fresh fish
into such consistent thickness errmm
or should I say THINNESS??
fresh sea urchin!!!
with a small dollop of freshly grated wasabi fr its root.

all these small portions were only appetizer..
and we were already quite contented.
with creations that tantalized our tongues.
*smack lips*
now came the sashimi courses...
non stop,
I was eating way too slow and the fresh meat were piling on my plate.

Monkey: "I want small small small small piece!!!"
Chef: "They are very small Cherry-san. Any smaller I won't be able to cut em."
HUGE fresh scallop
so sweet~~~~~~
everything came double
they are actually very small in bite sizes....
but if they made it double it's like the usual x 1.5 size
Doc brought a beautiful Chambolle- Musigny 1996
by the maker Mugnier
fr the grand cru vineyard,
Queen of all burgundy :))))))))))))))))

But I like its neighbour MSD.
Prince C tapau-ed all the stocks fr ST's cellar already.
How could u be so selfish????
Lawrence *the other lawrence who is also a part time chef at home* and JS my personal chef
yes him and his poise...
explained how serious he is into wines and food.
Interlude~~~~ between sashimi and the next course
out came grilled fish which I forgot its name *as usual*
grilled wagyu....
gawd look at the FAT.
torched/flamed sea urchin on top of jap sweet prawn
and out came the sushis...
one by one....
was this sayori??
I want as lil rice as possible.
JS's plate with a piece of toro,

"No toro for Cherry-san!!!"
red lobster Monkey & Tracie
hey Lawrence & Tracie,
we are waiting for your BIG BIG day,
kindly announce the actual date once u have decided.

don't forget the ring, the dress, and the whole white package.
I'll bug u again soon.
both Tracie and me quietly called it "the end"
by ordering dessert in the middle of those courses.


Chef Lawrence was appalled!!

"NOOOOO. No dessert, I am not done yet!!!!!!!"

*still busy slicing more fishes*
"YESSSS we are done!!!!!"

Lurve his yuzu jelly with yuzu sorbet...
so refreshing.
Notti Monkey & Chef Lawrence

yessssss finally a pic of him!!!!!

arigatoo gozaimasu Chef Lawrence.
very very good dinner.
despite we cutting it short. :P

We will come back again. :))))
and thank u to Mr. Yeow for the dinner
and wines and champagnes
it feels like christmas.

Kome Japanese Restaurant
10 Bukit Chermin Road,
Keppel Club
Tel: +65 6273 0118


neil said...

Nice. But I still prefer your CRABs post :P~

cher-ry said...

Nee Lee: Coz u dun eat raw food!!! One day I'm gonna stuff u with raw oysters.....hehehehe

Anonymous said...

omigoshhh, when I get back to KL, can I go out makan with you?? You seem to be getting VIP treatment everywhere mannnn.. what's the deal?? LOL!

cher-ry said...

Dorin: Kome is in Spore. But do let me know when u are in KL, would love to take u out. :))