Thursday, July 17, 2008

Scrabble & Martinis & Taffy

Now that I've learnt scrabble & martinis don't go together,
coz u won't be able to think....

This Monkey can't think at all,
coz she hasn't been playing REAL scrabble for ages.
but it was fun!!
CS's beloved Taffy having her 1st meal of the day..

hmmm, u all kenyang kenyang after your asam fish
I pulak eat this. :((((((
but nvm.......
*continues to dig in*
So Hilt Sharon can't stop cam-whoring with Taffy...
wat to do..she's such a darl!!!!
Beautiful CS, So Hilt Sharon, Monkey
and so this was the 1st set.....

Monkey: "Hey can use country's name or not?"
both Beautiful CS & So Hilt Sharon shook their heads.

Monkey: "But...u used US wor..united states!!!! Then I can use UK lor!!!!"
Beautiful CS: "Hellooo woman!!!! It's"

Monkey: "oh!" :P
blame it on the martinis.....
Taffy helped us through with the dictionary....

okie next word is....ANJING....A-N-J-I-N-G
yes we played a set of english
another set in bahasa
gave up and went back to english.

hai....Saudari CS, kenapalah engkau cadang kita main dalam bahasa melayu?
Charming YS and Taffy
isn't she adorable????
just melt my heart looking at her.
Charming YS mixed excellent martinis

thank u so much for layan-ing us
with martinis and ice creams....
We played till midnite and Taffy was so tired.

GAH!!! this dog is too darn cute!!!
I wanna take her home!!!!

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