Monday, June 30, 2008

You'll be missed

The world is small,
but not that small when you worked for the same men twice.
at two different company.
Him in Switzerland and me in Malaysia...

the man who built Gucci timepieces
and now CORUM.

maybe that's why we shared so much
of Gucci's philosophy...which he brought it to CORUM
and I brought Gucci's standard along as I climbed the corporate ladder.
*my very first job*

maybe that's why we have so much to talked about.
or maybe it was love for music and art?Memories of you will stay in my mind
Wisdom words of yours, I will carry on my sleeves.

Thank you for building us
will alwiz know that U will still be looking at us from above.
We will make it through this difficult time.
We missed u.

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