Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Long awaited birthday post

Thank you to all for the pressies, birthday wishes, hugs and kisses.

this post is dedicated to Miss Evil Lisa coz she's longing to read post about food.
Let's start with breakfast. b-day breakfast coz I was too busy that day finishing
watever that's pending before I leave to Moo-moo land.
If I'm at home, mom will make me egg-gie. YUMO!!!
for lunch monkey and the gals headed down to Carat Club in Pavilion
their grilled mushroom and baby spinach salad was not to shabby
soup of the day!!! wat was it again?
Linguine of slipper lobster
Mommy Jacky had Chicken Gordon Bleu
Baby Wei with her crispy fish and balsamic chips
chocolate fudge~~~~~~or was it moose?
Baby Wei, Monkey and Mommy Jacky
Thank u gals!!!
yeah go and count the candles
one two three four la la la la

and the whole team of Carat Club + patrons sang the ever pai seh-ing
birthday song
*slapping and banging my forehead*
and when I drove past my macho guards,
they sang eppy birthday to me....
*2nd time of the day...or should I saw 3rd. Someone sang over the phone = 1st*

coz my dearie rommies namely Mee Mee and Nee Lee
left a bouquet there with a lovely card.

the above bouquet was sauna-ed in Mee Mee's car for 8 hours
It was still lovely and most of all, it was made with hands and with LOVE.
TQ~~~~~ muaks muaks muaks..
*pssttt what happen to those cupcakes meant for my face??? I wanna stuff them into my mouth*

Read about the making of my bouquet *here*
and when I opened my door,
someone presented himself.
*minus the ribbon*

that was the first time MR. JS got me flowers~~~~~~

Now the whole world knows apart fr Tulips and more tulips
I lurve Stargazer lilies~~~~~~~
and so we for dinner Miss Evil Lisa,
we had it at Lafite.
*hai no other place to eat already*
freshly churned butter
in fact I like the basalt black tile/stone/watever u name it.
I'm gonna have that for my new home (as plates not on the wall)
Now where's the nearest granite supplier?
since this post has been delayed for about 3 weeks,
I've forgotten what was it but something to do with foie grais
my spiced marshmallows
it's sweet and savoury at the same time.

The head waiter was explaining how to consume this lovely creation...
Monkey no listen
Monkey no follow
Monkey no obey
CHOMP and there goes Chef's creation.
hiak hiak hiak
It's my birthday!!! don't care!!!!
my caviar waffle....
again Mr. Head Waiter explained that I had to consume it in 4 lil bites.
to enjoy all the flavours on top of it.'s very tiny actually.
this was my favourite!!!!
name of this creation = An Egg?

it's crispy on the top and underneath,
runny and creamy on the inside...
I'm gonna have this again next time.

and it's only an egg....
I forgot what he had....but looked like beef
I had lamb!!!
looked at the bone....they cleaned it out clean it's almost plasticky.
the meat went so well with this baby
Clos de la Roche

JS brought 2 bottles and let me choose...
U know wat I'm gonna have already kan???
dunnit to choose.
96 was a very good year for Armand Rousseau
lucky Lafite has burg glasses
they better have coz corkage was RM 170 per bottle.
some lemony dessert
sorry lar readers,
seriously forgotten wat I've eaten.
they brought out the cake elegantly...
and MR JS asked our waiter: "Where's the song???"
I almost wanted to crash his face unto the cake....
"don't u ever start"
my was yummy :)
and I gave the rest to my security guards
*reward for singing the most horrible and yet sweet birthday song*
**they were still singing the next morning when I drove past -_-**
***all these thanks to MEE MEE and NEE LEE -_-"***
yes I remembered this
Berry flavoured marshmallow.

sorry Miss Evil Lisa,
no supper for me that day.
hiak hiak hiak.

Thank you all again.
Hugs and kisses fr Monkey.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you for your food bloggin... thank you thank you for feeding my hunger... *kow tow

haih... lafite again.... eh.. go la somewhere else....

CHER-RY said...

Evil Lisa: He he he he. Tomorrow got food sumore. :)

Anonymous said...

Aiyah.... too overzealous with kow tow-ing u... forgot to wish... EPPI BELATED BIRTHDAY, MONKEY!!!

CHER-RY said...

TQ TQ TQ TQ :))))))))))))