Friday, June 20, 2008

Golf & Sea

Dinos our reliable lovely adorable guide
booked us at Aphrodite Hills Golf & Country Club.
Totally splendid!!!!

Everywhere I turned to....I see Brits.
from the golfers, to the marshal to the staffs..
everyone speaks ENGLISH!!!
I was so happy..
no greek, no russian...just pure ENGLISH.
coz all of them were ENGLISH!!!
Dave & JS
Dave bought a house at the club and spends bout 3 mths a year
in Cyprus...

I lurve the sky!!!
Do you???
well that explains why I got so tanned & burned coz
u don't feel the heat
u don't feel the sun
in fact u want the sun coz it's quite chilling.
there's no cloud...
and the UV rays go directly to your skin.
happy him happy me
JS frying "kuey teow"
look at the terrain!!!
so barren...

The day I touched down at Cyprus airport.....
I was O_O
"are we in IRAQ????"
this one better!!!!
take care of the knees!!!
u don't wanna end up like Mr. Tiger Woods
beautiful view of the hills and the sea
Look!!!! it's a CAROB TREE!!!!!!!!!

Carob trees are native in Cyprus and grow bountifully on this golf course.
only the green pods are edible.
It is also known as St John's bread (???)
*told ya, lotsa lotsa legends and history in Cyprus*
Carob pods when it's fresh, and when it's dried.

In ancient time, Carob seeds were used as a unit to measure
my favourite commodity~~~~~


and that's where CARAT came from...CAROB.
they measures diamonds against the weigh of CAROB seeds
because each seed is so precise.
*1 carat = 0.2gm*

as for GOLD,
it was used to measure the purity of it..
24 karat gold = 100% pure
12 karat gold = 50& gold + some other materials.

I wanna name my children CARAT and CAROB then.
He said no!!!
it should be Titleist, Callaway, Tiger, Ernie, Phil, thongchai jaide, K.J......
after golf,
it's MY turn to enjoy MY outdoor activity,
this one taken at Dinos & Venny's club in Limassol,
3 mins away fr home.
"Quick, go and swim!!!!"
":((((((((((((( it's so cold~~~~~~"
the sea was so calm that day
Dinos was pulling me to~~~~~
"U jump I jump!!"

we were just walking on top this plastic plank which was FLOATING on the sea.

"U sure it can support our weights?"
"LOOK!!!!" *jumping and hopping and putting more weight into it!!! and it shook like nobody's biz*

Never ever challenge Mr. DINOS.
but I lurve his fav quote:

"Tell them that DINOS sent u here."

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